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This is a real story which I want to share with readers. Only names and venue have been changed, all other events and situations have been kept same in order to keep it near reality. I am 32 years old and do business in Dubai. I spent all day in tiring work and in the evening I use to spend some time on internet to get some refreshment. Once I got chance to come across a girl on yahoo messenger. Her name was Rhea. I chatted with her and find her quite friendly. We chatted for long time and I came to know that she is married, but her married life has no charm for her as her husband is having relations with other girls and don’t pay due attention to her. She was really frustrated in her life and chatting with me was like a fresh air for her. However, in spite of close friendship and all confidence over me, and trust she never gave me her contact details or phone number to me. She was living in large conservative family and was having many problems. She was not having any web cam or microphone and don’t wanted due to safety reason. I was thinking that she may be a boy because I had heart that some boys on internet pose like girl to make other fool. However, the responses which I was receiving from her were clearly indicating me that she is really a girl as boys can never give such responses.

I always judged purely girl thinking. Further, my sixth sense was giving me clear message that she was a girl. So I continue to chat with her, in spite of no cooperation from her and no hope. In fact, due to her intelligence or witty and funny style, I always enjoyed chatting with her, that there was no harm for me. After few sessions I started to chat with her about sex and sexual pleasures. She seems to be hesitant but I told her that why she is worried as I know nothing about her can’t see her and can never know her. She understood me and started to chat with me on sex issues. During chatting I use to give her kisses on lips and get back as well. Her figure was really fantastic as she was slim with sexy figure. She was having 36 size boobs, with 27 waist and 38 bottoms. He ass was really sexy as she told me she feels ashamed in some dresses and even could not wear some normal trouser of her size due to big bottoms. After few days, I started to ask most personal matters like how she enjoy sex with her hubby and she use to tell me all but with lot of shyness. I tell her my wish to fuck her and I always tell her how I will fuck her and I found she always enjoyed it.

We continued like this for like 3 months. Once I was in good mood, I showed Rhea my lund on webcam. Rhea was surprised to see it and was having strange feelings. I saw a great change in her attitude. she not only liked it but showing her my lund brought her more closer to me, that day I felt more love from her for me. I felt, she was really missing something in life. We become more frank and someday later I asked her to kiss my lund and suck it during chatting which she did and enjoyed. Our friendship was continuing like that and there was no hope that I will be able to meet her one day. But I enjoyed a lot every time I talk to her. Rhea always told me that she is from a very conservative family and can’t go out and meet me. However, when our friendship developed we become more closer and at least once in ten days, we use to have full cyber sex session. Once her computer was broken down and she was not able to contact me for one month, but I was so much accustomed chatting her that I daily wait for her and send my messages. In fact I had started feeling deep love from my heart for her. I didn’t know why she discontinued but I kept on sending her my love and e-mail daily for one month. Simply I was enjoying so much even writing to her, feeling that she will read. She was intelligent, lively and really a loving creature. After like one month she came back. She was surprised to see my so many messages, that day she started to respect me more. I told her many times that I wanted to fuck her in reality but that day she expressed her wish for this and she promised that during my next visit to Mumbai she will try to meet me. I was happy to hear this, as her promise means something. I asked her will she allow me to fuck her, but she didn’t replied, she always says in response to such question, “may be”. Even with such love and closeness she didn’t tell where she lives in Mumbai, never talked to me or gave me her phone number and even called me

After one month I was going to India, so I put a stay of two days in Mumbai for her. I could not afford five stars hotel but my company was paying so I booked a five start hotel. I told Rhea that I am coming to Mumbai. She said she will try, but when I arrived there she was not able to meet me. She told me she tried but by hard luck, it didn’t work. I was very much disappointed. We were now so close to each other and were in same city but not able to meet. when I returned back I told her that I am now feeling hurt that after so much of love between us, if we can’t meet then it shows we don’t have respect and love each other. She said that she really loves me and wanted to meet but her circumstances did not give her chance to meet me. She promised that when she will be going to London after nearly 4 weeks she will keep stop over in Dubai and will meet me. I knew that she would have tried and also knew that she was not making me fool as she was really honest and 4 weeks will also pass quickly but now we will be able to meet each other. We started chatting again. After few days Rhea told that she has book her flights and that her hubby will not be with her. She will stay for one day in Dubai. These days I loved her more and told her my desire to fuck her during her visit. She didn’t say anything. But we were able to do some cyber sex. When her flight was near she was not able to chat but two day earlier she gave me the name of her hotel where she would be staying. It was five star hotels. I was so happy as she was coming only for me. She said that if everything went smooth she will arrive at hotel on 11 O Clock in morning and will give me call from hotel to tell her room number, so that I should not ask reception. She asked me to come at 12 noon to allow her to get fresh. She was expected to depart next morning at 09h00 in morning.

At last, the day arrived and I made special preparation and became ready on time but I did not receive any call. I arrived at the hotel on time but Rhea was not there. With increased heart beats I asked the reception but Rhea was not there in their list. I sat in lobby of the hotel waiting for her, looking at people coming to hotel. One and half hour passed and there was no trace of her. Now I was having mixed feelings either I have become a big fool today or something has happened to her and I was going to loose this chance to have real pleasure for which I was waiting since long. While I was thinking about her, I saw some passenger entering into the hotel and in these passengers there was a lady quite beautiful who attracted my attention. This lady was from some high class gentry but was very attractive, very fair, decent looking but sexy too. I forgot Rhea and was looking at this lady. Her figure was fantastic and very sexy due to her nicely shaped big ass. Though, this lady had attracted all my attention and I felt movement in trouser due to her sexy figure and felt deep desire to love such a lady but was happy that my Rhea is no less then her. This lady was on counter and suddenly, this lady looked towards me and smiled and I was astonished to find out that she was Rhea. My heart started bouncing so fast as she was looking stunning beautiful, may be due to decent make up. I got confused and feeling stupid. After few second, she again looked at me with smile. After getting the keys the porter was with her and when she passed near me I wanted to say hello but she didn’t look at me and asked the porter about her room number and I got her room number and she moved towards the lift.

Her voice was really sweet as I was hearing first time. My heart was beating fast now and I was thinking what should I do? Should I give her time to fresh up or go to her room. After, few minutes portal came back. I decided to go to her I moved towards the lift, came on the floor and manage to find the room. There was no body on this floor. I knocked the door with my heart beating fast. She opened the door and said hello to me with nice smile. I was totally confused and said hello but was not able to think what to talk. She allowed me to come in and she started by apologizing that she was late. She said her flight was 2 hours late. I said it was pleasure waiting you. She was also looking nervous but we started chatting. I was so happy that I was with her in her room, but was really confused and afraid so I didn’t give her any hug or a kiss and sat on the sofa. She started talking about her trip and we talked on various issues but I was still not able to gather courage to come closer to her or give her even a kiss. She was also nervous but she had recovered and started to talk frankly. I tried to make my talks more with feelings of love but time was passing and I was still not able to muster my courage make any move.

She said that it was really not possible for her to come to Dubai and told how she managed to come because she likes me. I wanted to use this chance so I said with hesitation that I want to thank you by a hugging you and I stood up. I was afraid of her response, as I knew that she was not that type of person but she stood up as well and I came near to her and took her in my arms. She also put her arms around me in response. I don’t want to waste this chance and I put my lips on her cheek and gave her a kiss saying that you deserve this and that you are more beautiful then my expectations. She was really happy and comfortable with me as she didn’t resist or get away but I was so nervous that I left her and we sat on sofa. We again started chatting and I was again feeling stupid wasting the chance in spite of her cooperation. We started talking about Dubai and she told that she made excuse of purchasing some jewelry. I offered her to go to marker but she told that her hubby has already arranged some driver of her company, who will come in the evening.

We were chatting and then she said that she has brought some gift for me, and she brought a very expensive silk tie. I was again feeling ashamed I came with anything not even roses for her. I open the packing and when I saw the tie I thanked him and again went to hug her. This time I don’t want to waste the chance so I put my lips again on her cheeks and gave few kisses. She closed her eyes and I got chance and gave kisses on her eyes and then placed my lips on her lips. It was such nice pleasure as her lips were amazingly nice and soft. She tried a little to get away when I kissed more on her lips but I hold her strongly in my arms and said that I love you too much and want since long to kiss you. She stopped resisting and I again placed my lips on her lips and started sucking her lips. She closed her eyes and then tried to insert my tongue inside her. She didn’t cooperate at first and kept her mouth little closed but I whispered in her ears that I love you Rhea again and again she started cooperating. It was a big achievement for me and I don’t want to loose now.

Her kisses were giving me so much nice feeling of achievement. We were kissing each other now and the kisses became very passionate. Our tongues were entering in each other’s mouth and our hands were running on the backs. She was now very close to my body and was looking very nice and beautiful. I looked in her dark eyes and said that I love you too much. She also looked directly in my eyes and said she always loved me. I was kissing her very passionately and she was responding me. I sucked her ears and gave kisses on neck and a little down. It was so nice perfume, that I was really feeling elevated. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled my face towards her. My one hand was on her tummy and was moving on her belly, while we were kissing, and from there come to her breast and I hold her boob full in my hand. She was feeling nice. Observing no resistance, I started caressing her breast and was rubbing it hardly. She said to me that she like me so much. I got encouraged and tried to take out her boob from her cloths and I was able to see her light brown nipple and I gave it a kiss. She enjoyed it and then I open her blouse and removed it and I could see her white boobs from the bra which I removed it immediately. Her boobs become fully naked. I was astonished to see her marvelous breast beneath my face. I had never seen tits like these in my whole life. Her breasts were so firm like unmarried women, but were so fresh like a baby skin with a nice pair of nipples like cherry which were fully erected by now.

She was not having any kid this may be the reason that her boobs remained firm. When I was looking her boobs she was blushed with shyness. Her face was all red and she was squeezing her arms by shyness to hide her breasts. I put my mouth on one nipple and kissed it. It came out and she shivered with pleasure. I licked her nipple again and started sucking her boobs. Her whole body shrived with my sucking. Rhea closed her eyes and allowed me to suck them. I started sucking her nipples vigorously, keeping other boob pressing with hands. After a while she whispered that is it ok. She was red with shyness. I said I am very happy to meet her and to love her. She stood and walked to take her bra on sofa. But I took her in my arms again from behind and hold her both boobs in my hands and said that you are much prettier then your photo and that it is like a dream for me. I told her that I love her deep from heart and want to love her more. I was holding her from behind and I was feeling her whole body and her ass on my body. Now my lund was fully erected and it was touching her buttock cleavage. I was feeling very happy even to achieve this. She said that she is feeling too much shy as it is her first time with me and in fact her face was still totally red with shyness. I told her that I love her deeply, hearing this she hugged me and we embraced again very tight in each other arms, and I put my lips on her lips and started sucking them again. I sucked her boobs again. She removed my shirt as well and gave a kiss on my chest. This kiss was full of appreciation and love for me. I put her hand on trouser on my lund, which was fully erected.

Rhea became red with shyness but she kept her hand there on trouser. I opened my trouser and underwear and totally removed them and gave my naked fully erected lund in her hand. I could feel she was more blushed but Rhea hold my lund in her soft hand I was having so nice feelings while Rhea was holding my lund. I started kissing her again and she was also slightly moving her hand on my lund which was making me more hot. I looked in her eyes and thanked her and she felt relaxed and started playing with my lund. I opened her saree and then petticoat which slides down her legs. She became fully naked and now I saw her face was again totally blushing. She was looking marvelous with her nice fleshy and soft and silky white legs which were totally clean and panty was on her big lovely and sexy ass. I was really surprised to see this beauty and told her that this is a big treasure which I can’t buy with my whole money. I was very happy to achieve this and see her totally nude from top to bottoms now. She was still feeling very shy standing fully naked in front of me. Judging her shyness, I took her in my arms again and whispered in her ears that her ass is marvelously beautiful. She hugged me tightly. I started to move my hands on her ass which was soft like baby skin, while kissing her lips I removed her panty. I was again sucking her tongue and lips and my Lund was fully erected and hard and touching her skin. I put Rhea hand again on my penis and she holded it in her hand. I was feeling her soft touch. I asked her to see my lund, does it look same as in web cam.

Rhea saw my hard lund and whispered in my ears that it is nice. I tried her to sit down. Rhea cooperated and sat down and I brought my lund near her face. Rhea caught my lund and then gave a kiss on it. I was flying in air with pleasure and I said I love you too much Rhea. She got encouraged and took head of my lund in her soft pinky lips and started sucking it like lollipop and I was in heavens with pleasure. It seems she is not well trained but I was enjoying her soft sucking. Then she took more of my lund in her mouth I felt great pleasure as all my lund was now in her lovely mouth and the feeling inside her mouth was giving me lie time pleasure. I was pleased that this beautiful internet girl is in reality with me and she is sitting totally nude in front of me and my lund is in her mouth. Before I cum in her mouth I took out my lund from her mouth and brought her to the bed. She lied down and I got a lovely glimpse of her lovely pussy which was just like a mound and without any hair. I came near her kissed her lips again and then I sucked her nipples and then gave kisses on her tummy and then I came down and put my lips on her cunt. With the touch of my lips on her cunt she again moaned with pleasure. Her skin was so clean and soft and with nice perfume of her body it was marvelous for sucking. I rubbed my lips on her cunt and tickled her pussy with my tongue. I felt her pussy already very wet and I started licking her pussy. The taste of her juice was salty and nice. She enjoyed a lot moaning on each lick. I was really enjoying sucking her soft pussy lips having warm but soft touch with nice perfume.

She closed her legs more around my head due to excitement and I became embedded in her legs. I continued to suck her pussy more, enjoying it, and I moved down and try to lick her ass hole too, she shivered with please and moved me. After sucking her pussy nicely I came upon her body placing my legs in between her thighs and started kissing on her lips. Below I placed my lund on her pussy hole. I pushed my cock and it entered inside her and she gasped with pleasure. Her hole was tight and it seems that no body fucked her since many months. My lund was feeling hotness of her inside tight hole and I was so happy to achieve this, as now I was fucking her which I was dreaming and thinking that my dream will never come true. I will never be that lucky but today I had achieved this. I started to fuck her first slowly and then increased my pace. I was pumping her with my full power and she was feeling pleasure and trying to accommodate my lund in her hole. She circled her legs around my body. She was moaning slightly loudly. I was near to cum so I increased strokes to fuck her deep. Rhea shouted that she is not in safe days. So I took out my cock from her cunt hole and hold her tightly give strokes on tummy and sprayed my cum over there. My cum spread on all her tummy. I kept holding her and kissing her for quite sometime and then I lied down beside her as I was feeling too tired. She was in good mood and lied with me in my arms. After a little moment she stood up and went to bathroom. I saw her walking totally nude and her beautiful ass was the most beautiful scene I have ever seen in my life such beauty in photos as it was giving me a more erotic view. She came back with a towel around her and she cleaned me with tissue paper and I felt so much honored.

Rhea lied with me and I took her in my arms and we started talking frankly to each other. I told her that how much I loved her the first time I saw her photo and today when I saw her totally nude I was amazed with her beauty. Her totally nude body was touching my nude body and I was moving my hands on her back and on her sexy ass. She told me that she liked me from her heart as well and that is why she gave her love to me. She said that she can never imagine that she will become so frank with some stranger like this. She said it was your trust and care that she was able to gather courage and took bold step to meet me. I told her that in my life I was never as happy as I am today. She said that she will love me more and she will make me happier then before. By now my lund was getting hard again. I gave my lund in Rhea hand and I told her this wants more love from your. She smiled and turned and started giving kisses on my Lund. She also gave kisses on my scrotum and on shaft of my lund before taking it into her mouth again. Now it had become much harder. She started sucking it again and I started to put my fingers in her silky hairs. I was nice to see her sucking my lund. It seems she had prepared herself well for this occasion as all was perfect in her with perfume and softness.

She continued to suck for long time and I was now getting excited so after some time I let her lie down on her belly. Her figure was marvelous specially her big and sexy ass I lied down on her and whole my load was on her but I was feeling her beefy and fleshy ass as that was big. I hold her both boobs in my hands from behind, placed my lund in her ass creek and started kissing her cheeks. She turn her face back and I kissed her lips and started sucked them again. I was giving stroke to my lund which was sliding in her ass creek. Then I kissed her neck whispering that I love you deep from heart. She was totally disappeared beneath me. I then kissed her shoulder and then her hands and then I kissed her back. All her skin was so fresh and silky that I was enjoying so much kissing her with my tongue. She was enjoying my kisses and I was going down till I reach her nice sexy ass. I kissed on her both ass cheeks a lot and then inside her ass creek. I separated her ass cheeks and saw her ass hole which was marvelous. I tickled it with my tongue. Her whole body shivered, I tickled her ass hole more with excitement but she let me moved from there. I was getting crazy, so I again lied down on her and placed my lund on her ass hole. It was amazing pleasure as due to her fleshy ass I was feeling it was gone inside. I was excited so I started pressing my lund on her ass hole. She asked me what I am doing. I said I want to enter my lund in her ass hole. She immediately said no and stated that it will be painful. I said no it is not painful if you put some cream it will slide inside and you will enjoy more. She told me that she has never done this even with her hubby. She said this is our first meeting; we may not do something which may give pain. I said that I will not do anything which will give her pain and stopped to force her.

Rhea said that she will make me happy without it, she raised and come on top of me she caught my cock and rubbed it in her pussy lip and her clit, and then she guided it on her pussy hole and sat on it my cock. I was it going inside her nice pussy. She started jumping on me. She was taking my cock very nicely in her cunt. I grabbed her tit from beneath. She was very exited and was trying to make me happy in any way. She was looking very beautiful, I said Rhea you are not a pretty woman but you know the art of loving and art of making pleased other. Rhea said to me I want to make you happy. I fucked her more than 20 minutes in this position, and After that she made doggy style. She was looking so beautiful with her big ass, which was in her beautiful form and I hold her from waist and entered my lund and started fucking her. I increased the speed of my fucking her and with each stroke I was feeling nice pleasure. After few minutes I started coming, so I took out my lund from her pussy and released on her ass. After that Rhea lied down on bed and we started talking again. Now it was time for Rhea to go for shopping but she was so happy with me. I asked her when I can come again. She told me that at 8 O clock she will be back in her room. I told her that I want to sleep with her, which she accepted. We went to bathroom and took bath together. In bath room with mirrors I saw her body more and her sexy figure and her big sexy ass. She was really having a great feature and figures. At night it was again a pleasure of night, which I will tell the readers in next episode. It is worth mentioning separately. I want to tell all girl, aunty and women that I am a nice person and if they want I can fuck them in more love manner as I have now learned the art of love making. So please don’t forget to contact me on [email protected] I am still here in Dubai.

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