The Perfect Couple – Part 2

Part 2:

Thanks for all the feedback on part 1 – didn’t realize so many folks would like it. Here’s the part 2. For those who didn’t read part one – would request you to please read it to know the whole story. Please send your feedback to [email protected]

Afreen and Riyaz were lost in their own world – the rain, the dark surroundings, the alcohol…all were playing their part. I could see Riyaz’s hand slip onto Afreen’s butt lifting her skirt…I must say she has one of the sexiest of the butt’s that I’ve ever seen. It was shaped like a half cut apple. Nicely shaped with appropriate amount of fat. They were so close that her perky boobs were pressing against Riyaz’s chest causing the flesh to settle on the sides of her boobs…giving it a sexy look. They started kissing and were apparently lost in a world of their own. Afreen’s left hand was holding Riayz’s head pulling it closer while her right hand was around his shoulder. She rose onto her toes so he gets a good access to her lips.

A sudden lightning followed by thunder brought all three of us back into this world. I was the first to speak – “I’ll go down and change. You guys come over when you’re done.”

“Sorry Adi!!! We were lost in ourselves forgetting that you’re around” saying that Riyaz moved away from Afreen and said, “Now you both dance”. I was blank, as I didn’t expect this coming. Afreen came close to me, held my hand and gently pulled me closer. I went closer to her as if I was in trance. She grabbed my palms and placed them on her waist. She’s put both her hands on my shoulders. At 5’7 height, it wasn’t too difficult for her to do so. I was still careful not to get too close to her. We were dancing but I ensured that our bodies were not touching.

Without my knowledge, we were getting closer and there was another loud thunder. She hugged me tight and my hands went around her waist bringing her closer. Riyaz laughed out loud saying “Look her clinging onto you…darpok kahiki” and slapped hard on her butt. Till then I completely forgot that he was around. “Shut up” she yelled back. I loosened my grip but was a bit surprised to still find her holding me tight.

Stepping into the house, Riyaz said “I’ll empty my bladder and come back with few beers”.

Afreen is so close to me now that her head resting on my shoulder. I could feel her boobs on my chest. Though not sure, but I had a feeling that her nipples were poking my chest. Neither of us knew when we stopped the dance and we were just standing in a tight embrace. The bulge in my shorts was touching her crotch and I’m pretty sure even she could feel it. Seeing me make no move, she stepped onto my toes and gently gave a peck on my lips – with no further delay, I clung onto them like a guy holds onto the stick thrown at him while he’s going down the quick sand!!!

While I was busy devouring her upper lip, she was busy chewing my lower lip. The taste of our saliva mixed with the rainwater that was flowing down our faces was intoxicating. My arms began tightening their grip around her waist, pulling her closer into me. I never knew when both my hands slipped over and found her butt – grabbing it tight and lifting her up on her toes giving me better access to her lips.

For some strange reason, I forgot that it’s my friend’s wife that I’m kissing and that he must be here anytime soon. We were lost in our own world. I never knew when Riyaz was back but he was right behind Afreen, kissing her on the nape of her neck. Unsure of what to do, I broke the kiss and gave a puzzled look at Riyaz. He smiled and continued to kiss her shoulders and her neck from behind. She pushed him aside and said “Let’s go in…” and started walking in with both of us following her.

I was in a dazed state…totally confused about my next move – should I be there with them or should I leave them and go into a different room. I was about say something and Afreen has put her index finger on my lips and said “shhhh…” She came closer to me and began kissing me and I was reciprocating to her warm and wet kisses. After a few moments, I looked at Riyaz and was surprised to see him totally nude – didn’t ever notice when he undressed. His erect cock had pre-cum dripping. He came closer to us and said “take off your clothes, they’re wet and you’ll fall sick”. “Someone is getting impatient” Afreen retorted to which we all laughed. Afreen held my tee and lifted it up.

Then I held Afreen’s top and in a split second she was in her bra, which was unhooked by Riyaz from behind, and she was topless. The chill caused by our drenching in the rain combined with the fact that she’s totally aroused caused goose bumps all over her…it was such a sexy sight. She stepped out of her skirt as I pulled it down. It was not long before she had to repeat it when Riyaz pulled down her panty.

A lady, who, till yesterday was looked upon by me as a close friend’s wife and had no other feeling whatsoever, is now standing stark naked in front of me – waiting for me to make her a wanton slut.

She held me by the elastic of my short and walked towards the bed. Riyaz followed us with his hands on her waist. Once we were close to the bed, Afreen pulled down my short along with my underwear and freed my erect dick. She looked at my dick that popped out and with a naughty smile said “you still say that I’m not the one to make it hard”. I pulled her closer, planted a kiss on her lips and said “It is you…” in response.

I made her lie on the bed and we both climbed onto it. The bed began getting wet with the wetness of our hairs…but we were in no mood to bother. Riyaz started kissing her lips and caressing her left boob. I was looking at them for a moment – still trying to digest the unexpected developments.

Afreen held my hand and guided it to her right boob. I was impressed with her thoughtfulness – at no point in time, she’s left me unattended. I began caressing it, bent down and began kissing her right boob. She has amazing pair of boobs – not very huge but firm and full, not a bit of sag in them. Her smooth skin added to their beauty. And her nipples were easily one of the best I’ve seen – they respond very well whenever they get attention. They were firm, hard and stood up with all the attention that they were getting. Riyaz also came down and took the left boob – our heads were touching while we were busy devouring her melons. Afreen was moaning in pleasure and held both our heads tight with both her hands. I slowly slipped my right hand down towards her pussy – I couldn’t stop myself from admiring her silky skin while was hand was travelling all the way to her pussy.

As my hand neared its destination, she spread her legs in anticipation giving me easy access. I began with slowly by using all the four fingers together to caress the mound of her pussy. As I touched her mound, she let out a loud gasp “aaahhhhh….” Though none of my fingers have still entered her, I could feel that she was really wet. I caressed her mound with all my fingers – gently, very gently. And occasionally I was gently pressing it applying some pressure. Each time I did it, she let out a moan. And then I used my thumb to make circular motions on her clit. While doing so, I’ve inserted my middle finger inside her pussy that was so wet that I wondered if it rained inside her pussy as well.

I let go of her boob and went down to quench my thirst by drinking some of the intoxicating fluids secreting from her honeycomb. As I left her right boob unattended, Riyaz took charge of her top and was kneading the right boob while sucking the left one. I gently spread her legs and began kissing her inner thighs – kissing them and gently nibbling on them. The increased volume of her moans told me that she’s thoroughly enjoying the whole act. I began teasing her – kissed her thighs, and the area her pussy and occasionally was blowing warm air over her pussy, but didn’t touch it. Her inner thighs and the region around her vagina were wet with my saliva.

After a bit more of teasing, it became unbearable for her – “suck it, you bastard!” she shouted out loud. Riyaz laughed out loud – Afreen immediately caught hold of his head and pulled him for a kiss. I used my whole tongue to lick the outer mound and then used my tip to play with her clit. She folded her legs with her feet on bed and her knees pointing up for a better access to me. My head was caught between her thighs and my arms were around her legs on her stomach keeping it down firmly. I intensified my work on her pussy – had my middle and ring finger inside her while I was busy licking and sucking her clit.

Slowly, I managed to get my index finger inside her pussy as well. I thought her moans were suppressed as Riyaz was kissing her but when I lifted my head for a moment to see what’s up with them, I saw that she was giving Riyaz a nice blowjob.

I continued to lick and suck her clit. I took my fingers out and began sucking the lips of her pussy and inserted my tongue inside her. While doing it, I inserted my index finger inside her asshole – the lubrication provided by her pussy made it an easy entry for me. This caused her body to quiver and she was reaching her climax – as I could feel it, I held her tight and pressed her waist against the bed while Riyaz didn’t let her go and continued to fuck her mouth. She was trembling and shaking for a few moments before calming down. She pushed Riyaz aside and shouted “chutiye! You guys are out to kill me or what?”. We’ve let her lie down for a few moments.

The wet hair, her eyes as if she’s in trance, sweat on her forehead, her nude body, her boobs moving due to heavy panting – all made an awesome sight. I was completely mesmerized by the sight. Afreen got up put her palms on our cheeks and lovingly said “it never felt so good. You guys can do whatever u want with me – I’m all yours”. Riyaz held her, kissed her and made her lie down and began fucking her in missionary position. As he was fucking her, I was caressing her boobs. She had both her hands on his butt, pressing it harder every time he’s pumping in. She was letting out moans and their intensity began increasing telling me that she’s nearing her second orgasm. It was an amazing sight as even Riyaz was on the verge of a climax. I could see both of them reach climax almost simultaneously and he collapsed on her – crushing her completely.

As he rolled over her a few moments later, she looked at me and said “come on Aditya…you waited long for your turn. Let me ride you.” As I took out a condom, Afreen took it from my hand, she made me lie down, came on top of me and she herself put the condom over my cock. She then proceeded to sit over my dick. Riyaz held my cock and himself inserted it inside Afreen’s pussy. My dick slid inside her pussy easily as her pussy was filled with her juices and the cum the Riyaz left inside her.

As she was fucking me, my hands were caressing her waist and her boobs. After riding me for a couple of minutes, she collapsed over me – guess she was hit by another orgasm. She regained, got up and pulled out the condom from my still erect cock – making me wonder what this nymph was upto. She then bent down and began sucking my cock. Gosh…she’s damn good at it. I couldn’t hold it any longer. “I’m cumming” I announced and tried to stop her. She didn’t bother and increased her pace – I could hold no further and came inside her mouth. Spurts of my semen were hitting her throat. She gulped them all, took my dick out, cleaned it up with her tongue and sucked it dry.

We had uninhibited sex for the next 6 months. Like all good things, even this came to an end when Riyaz had to move to Brazil. We’re still in touch.

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The Perfect Couple – Part 2

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