Teenager’s Journey to Eternal Love – Part Vlll

The saree was red chiffon party wear designer with a short shoulder sleeve deep neck and deep back blouse. I dressed up elegantly, did my hair spa and my hair were looking damn lovely, did subtle and elegant make up, as the blouse had deep neck and at back it was just enough to provide for 4 hooks that’s it, so had to choose a sleek bra which shouldn’t peep out of blouse. I wanted to tie saree below navel, but my Granny wouldn’t allow it so had to tie it just below blouse, wore nice heels which even accentuated my round butt. Basically I was looking a perfect bridesmaid! Zahid came and I passed that scanner of Granny by draping my deep neck and bare back with pillow and went and sat in car. His mouth was left open after seeing me, he said you are looking beautiful, I said thank you and we started. On the way I called up my other friends who were yet to start. We reached the function hall and Zahid stopped near ladies entrance for me to get down, I said I have to make some adjustments and told him to park in some dark corner as it was huge ground for parking.
I set my hair again, put lip gloss, a bit of blush and he was constantly staring at me. Then I undraped my back and his eyes widened and stuck on my exposed flawless back. I adjusted the back of my blouse to check if any bra is peeking out, it was well inside as I wore sleek straps one. Then I was complaining about how I had to wear saree so high coz ofGranny and will have to adjust here in so little space. I asked him to look away, he felt heartbroken J I undid the knot of petticoat and caught hold of saree folds carefully not to spill them and pulled them out and tried to lower petticoat but it was not possible, I called Zahid and told him to hold the saree folds. He was amused to view my midriff all the way down till navel, I further lowered down the petticoat till just above my panty at level of hips and to tease him asked is that enough, he said yes in a shaky voice, I tied my petticoat and inserted saree folds and adjusted the height and all and finally got my desired look and Zahid was amused and shocked to get to see more than what he expected.
I attended the wedding and was almost 11 when I came out and got in car, he asked how wedding and stuff random talk was then I told him to start. He said what about your saree? Granny wouldn’t scold? I thought in mind, Granny would be asleep so no problem, but maybe he wanted a show desperately so I said ohh Thank god you remembered and saved me. Pulling up saree is quite easy but I wanted to tease him, so I again took out saree folds and told him to hold it and undid the knot of petticoat and pulled it up and when I was about to tie it, one end of the knot went missing inside! Arrrggghhhhh what an awkward position I was! I kept fighting with it to somehow pull it out back but I couldn’t. Even he tried but the end went far in! Aarghhhhhh!! Then an idea struck my mind, I told him to hold the folds as it is very tightly and I lowered petticoat, he was wondering what I was doing, then I brought it down, lifted myself up below my butts and down my legs, I took off my petticoat and while doing exposed my red hipster panty completely to him and even thighs. That was more than what i wanted to. He was shocked and started sweating even as AC was on. Then I pulled the string out completely and tied just the string tightly below blouse and inserted saree folds in the string and I was done finally tying my saree. He was amused and said what an intelligent girl. But now I was feeling ashamed as I exposed too much for him. He dropped me home, I reached home took off my clothes and noticed moist patch on my panty! It felt as erotic as I felt when making love with Arman, now my inner self deep down wanted Zahid badly.
It wouldn’t be nice of me I thought, but it was still a month for Arman to return, and I was whole day with Zahid. He was head over heels falling for me now, but had his focus on his career at the same time and I liked it and was even inspired by him. We went about college and workshop together and sometimes even for some events or movies and shopping too. We were behaving as a couple except for the fact that he didn’t officially propose me. Then came my birthday, Arman called me midnight and wished me and said how much he miss me and blah blah! Now I didn’t really bother about him. All my family and friends wished me, but where was Zahid?? I was very curious. I went to college but had no mood to attend classes, then Zahid came, he behaved very normal and didn’t wish me. I dressed in new yellow floral prints tunic top and a blue tight jeans and wore new high heeled black stilettos, he noticed everything but kept quiet. I was getting pissed off then he said lets go out somewhere, we set out in his car and surprise! There was a loud music playing happy birthday my love!! I blushed and did hard to control my excitement. Then he gave me a basket full of chocolates and a gift. I opened it to find a purple full sleeve knit top. It was beautiful and exactly my size. I thanked and asked him how he knew the size; he says he measures it daily just by looking. I blushed and kept quiet.

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