Relation With A Colleague In A IT Company

Hi guys, I am avinash. My mail id is mavinash.joshi at You can mail me in case if u need any help or suggestion. I am 25 years old and I am working in TCS, bangalore. IT industry is a not a good place to find hot and fresh girls. If a girl is hot then she s definitely screwed in her coll days it self. I am 5.6 tall and good looking.I never had GF in my life. from the age of 16, i eject everyday by watching porn movies. I badly wanted a girl in my life.

I work in a project where I need to continuously communicate with many other project people. We have night shifts, weekend support etc. I was really bored with the kind of work i was doing. It was a same old repeating mechanical life. One day I spoke to Tanvi from another team over communicator. I had no idea how she was or where she was from. It was regarding a technical issue. We were on chat for a long time resolving the issue. We were chatting only technical stuff. There was nothing personal or non technical. The issue was not resolved , so I had to extend my shift. I thought of calling her and discuss the issue over phone and resolve it. I asked her ext no and she gave me. I called her ext we were discussing the issue. Her voice was really good. She was cool girl. Even though I was speaking technical.

She was smiling and talking non technical in between I really enjoyed the call Finally the issue was resolved and we hung up The same issue came again after 2 days and Tanvi called me directly to my ext and spoke to me. This time, we were more close and were talking little freely. We were on call for almost an hour. It was here I learnt that she was also in my campus. I asked her facebook id, personal ph no etc and she gave me. We were chatting in communicator, mobile for a long time. Finally I took a lead and asked her to meet me in the cafeteria for which she agreed and we met for the first time.

I was shocked to see her A perfect girl with a good height approximately 36 24 36, fair, awesome hair style She was wearing a sleeveless shirt. Her hands were smooth like velvet. I never expected this. She had not put any of her pic in facebook as well so I never had an idea about her. I thought she ll be just another IT industry girl. I was attracted like anything. We spoke for some time in cafeteria and we left. I used to think about her and ejected 2-3 times in a day. This also went on for some time. We met for lunch, snacks. Sometimes she would come with her friends, colleagues etc.

1 day I was in a weekend shift. Usually not many people will be there in office over weekends and not much work as well. the campus is usually empty. As soon as I logged in, I saw the communicator to check who else were online. To my surprise, it was Tanvi. I called her immediately and asked her to meet me to which she agreed.

We met in the cafeteria. The entire cafeteria was empty. We spoke for some time and I asked to come along with me for a drive. She agreed and in the evening we went for a drive in my bike. It was cloudy. I took her to a lonely area in the outskirts of the city. Suddenly it started raining. We stopped the bike and stood under a tree. It was a getting cold and was a lonely area. I took the lead and caught Tanvi’s hand and kissed her on her cheeks. She didn’t do anything and she was feeling shy.

I liked it and we were facing each other and smiling Rain stopped and I drove her back home At this time she hugged me and sat on my bike. I got a signal that the girl was ready. We were calling each other regularly and texting. I didn’t know how to ask her for sex. One night as we were chatting in whatsapp, I told her that there would be nobody at my home the next day and I wanted her to come. She told ok. We did chat for sometime and I slept.

Next day morning when I woke up, there was a message from tanvi, “don’t forget to bring condom packet”. I was super exited. I was thinking of all strategies to get the batsman out. But the batsman became hit wicket. I went to her pg and brought her in my bike to my place. My dick was thick and full. The moment we entered the house and closed the door, tanvi caught my balls. I shouted in pain. But that was a happy shout. Since it was my first time, I wanted it to the most memorable one. I pushed her to bed and undressed her slowly. I licked her boobs. It was huge and silky soft. I bit her nipples. I then removed her pants and panty. I inserted my finger into her hole. She was super happy and was shouting. I did this for around half an hour.

Then she undressed me She took my hard think dick into her mouth My dick went till her throat I just loved it I wanted to insert my dick into her vagina without a condom. But I was in senses. I didn’t want to risk. So I wore a condom and fucked her like no one had fucked her. I tried all styles which I had seen in porn movies with her, doggy, 69 etc. I even inserted my dick into her ass. The entire act went for around 2 hrs. we both were tired and finally I ejected on her face and boobs.

She licked it and was happy and satisfied I prepared tea and some snacks She told me that she had a BF in her hometown and it was a long time since she had sex. Anyway, it didn’t matter much to me as I had expected that such beautiful girls will not be single till this age. I enjoyed the sex with her. She was with me the entire day. I fucked her again after few hours. After this, regularly we would meet and have sex. Now she is married and is in Singapore. I am happy for her.

I found a girl which I wanted. Beautiful and no commitment. We both expected only sex from each other. She has told me that she ll come to India in some time and has told me to be free so that we can go to ooty and have sex. I am waiting for that day..will definitely explain that story as well.

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