Love Making With My Sweet Cousin

Hi this is Jaikumar I am a great fan of Indian Sex Stories. Have been wanting to write my story for sometime. Here it goes, please excuse if there are any mistakes as this is my first time writing my experience. I would like to talk to any girl/women please mail me at [email protected] Little about me, am 39 years old, 6ft, athletic am working in an IT MNC as a Director in Chennai. This is a story that happened 8 years back, it could be little long for some.

Kavitha (name changed) is my distant relative, she was 28 years old at that. She lives in pune, she also works in same IT company as I do. We have seen each other in few marriages. She happened to come to Chennai for a project and she was working on the same block, I was seeing her after 7 years, in these years she had turned into a lovely lady. She was in great shape with lovely eyes, captivating smile and great to talk to. Few minutes of wanting to just say a casual hello, turned into a 30 mts conversation. I was seriously smitten by her. I had no clue if she had the same feeling.

I was in a dilemma as how to approach her. She was to be in chennai for just 3 days. The next day again we caught up and had a coffee (in the cafeteria) again a nice smooth conversation.

She had been married for couple of years by then. First thing I was glad is she never brought the topic of her spouse or the fact she is married. I also completely avoided talking about it during out talk.

The 3rd final day she was to leave that day, i asked her the previous day itself if she will come for lunch. Since she had come for a project which was on fire (not doing well) she said it is extremely hard. I was disappointed. But next day in the morning she messaged me saying she will come but need to be back quick.

I was really happy, wanted to sweep her off her feet, so brought some flowers then called her to come out. She came out, I was stunned looking at her. She was wearing a Red sleeveless tops and tight fit jean. She got into the car and asked what happened why are you looking at me like this? I said you look so pretty. She said just shut up and don’t kid me. I said seriously and could she her blush.

I took the flowers from the back seat and gave it to her, she was blushing even more and her face turned pink. I said beautiful flowers for the lovely lady, though it was cliched she felt happy. During lunch, i tried holding her hands couple of time for some lame reason, she didn’t say anything but wasn’t volunteering. I was confused. After lunch when I dropped her back, I said I will be missing you, wish you could have stayed more. She said she was waiting to tell me this and told that she has to move to chennai for next 3 months as her project needs her after 2 weeks. I just couldn’t believe what even more made me happy was the fact that she said she was waiting to tell me :).

She came back after 2 weeks and this time she was given an Furnished accommodation close to work. First few day she was busy so was I as I had to go out of country for a week. I was just wishing to be back when I came back went directly to her bay, she said at last you found time for me. I said sorry and said can we go for dinner? She said sure, we went out for dinner in a fancy restaurant in besant nagar after dinner she asked if we can go to beach. We started walking close to each other. I held her hand she didn’t say anything or move away. We walked for few minutes and she said she wants to go back as she is scared, I asked her of what she said of herself. I didn’t say anything we came back, I dropped her in her place. It was raining heavily. She said stay till rain stops.

I went up to her room it was a nice Studio apartment. It was already late and the rain wasn’t stopping, she asked me to stay back in her room. I was jumping inside with joy at my luck. But outside I acted if that is okay with her. I offered to sleep down, she said the bed it big enough and I could sleep one side. which I did dutifully. she slipped into a loose t-shirt and night 3/4 pyjammas. Switched off the light and asked to be comfortably dressed, I removed my shirt and pant was sleeping in my boxers and vest, one side of the bed.

In few minutes she started sleeping, I just couldn’t sleep. After a while i could see her with the light coming from outside. Her face was glowing, i just couldn’t resist I moved closer to her inside her bed sheet. I started touch her back, there was no response from her. I could see she wasn’t wearing any bra. slowly i moved my hand in front and was touching her navel on top her tops.

I slowly moved my hands up and felt her boobs it was large and felt soft, I tried cupping it. She turned in her sleep, i removed my hand quickly and waited for few minutes. Again i started with her boobs, ran my finger to her lip, when I touched her lips I could she her move little but she didn’t wake up (or so she acted). I brought my hands down and inserted inside her tops and touched her navel, she has a flat belly and a deep navel. My tool was standing erect and was ready to ejaculate. I pushed my finger inside her navel, she again twitched.

I knew she isn’t sleeping but she wasn’t reacting. I got courage moved my hands up and cupped her boobs. Slowly I squeezed it it was like a balloon, so soft, yet so firm. I kept my left hand inside and moved my right hand over her pussy on top of her pyjamma i was surprised to realize she wasn’t wearing panty either. I could feel slight wetness on the pyjamma. I moved closer to her put my leg over hers again no reaction.

I inserted my right hand inside her pyjamma and touched her pussy, wow it was cleanly shaved and nice mound i could feel. I held her mound. I could feel her breathing heavily, i slowly was touching her outer pussy lips. I was teasing to enter suddenly she lifted her bum and made her pussy swallow my finger. Still she was (acting) sleeping. I started finger fucking her, she started moaning slowly.

I started squeezing both her boobs and pinching her nipple (softly). She was moving her hips and matching my finger hitting her pussy in few minutes she got orgasm her body shook. I held my finger inside and the mound with my hand. Till she settled down. I removed both my hands, licked my finger and let her sleep.

My tool was standing tall in its full 7″ glory and was waiting to be touched and felt. I didn’t want to force her wanted her to continue her game. came back to my place on the bed and closed my eyes.

After couple of minutes I could feel someone close by breathing on my neck. When I opened my eyes i saw her close to me, again with her eyes closed. This time I lifted her face up and kissed her lips then started kissing her deep, now she opened her eyes and was looking into mine.

After few minutes she broke the kiss and asked me why did I move away. I told her, she was sleeping and didn’t want to disturb her. She asked didn’t you disturb me all this while, I said that was giving pleasure to and I can’t force you and wake you up. She started kissing me with tears in her eyes.

She then said she completely didn’t know what do to do as she was kind of caught in between. I said it is okay and I won’t ask her to do anything. She said no idiot I love you and started kissing again. She then removed my boxers and started sucking, it was the best ever blow job. I asked her to stop and I want to be inside her. I removed her dress completely, now I saw the real beauty. She was even more stunning with her flat tummy and big boobs she was looking hot.

I started sucking her boobs like no tomorrow, she was holding my head with one hand and my tool with other. She made me come on top of her on missionary position. She guided my cock to her pussy, since it was wet it slid in. But I was surprised to see her very tight. I travel inside was heaven. Her pussy was warm and my tool was held by her walls and they started milking it. I started pumping her, I had to control my ejaculation as I was on hold for quite sometime. Managed to hold on for about 10 minutes and I told her am cumming she said cum inside and she screamed and both of us ejaculated at same time. I stayed on her for few minutes with my cock inside her, she held me tight…

We continued our love for that 3 months and later too whenever she comes to chennai. She is now in US and we hardly get a chance to meet. This is my story please do give feedback and looking forward to meet/talk with beautiful girls/women, write to me at [email protected]

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