Grilfriend’s Mother Become My Girlfriend

Hi, Indian sex stories dot net viewers, this is Sanjay from Bangalore you can reach me at [email protected] I would like to thank Indian sex stories for giving a good platform to share our experiences and sex story.

We should accept that truth of feeling of love has no barriers but the feeling of sexual pleasure can break all the barriers, yes it’s true the story which I’m going to narrate to you will break those barriers. This is a true sex story which happened back almost 14 years ago.

While I was doing my post graduation in MS surgeon, I got admission into the same college where I did my MBBS for post-graduation. I was very happy that I had the same friends around me where I met a girl called Lilkitha who was 3 years junior to me, we fell in love when I was in my pg( that is a different story altogether. I will explain some other time) so we were a very happy couple and everything was going fine.

We had our annual college fest for 4 days where everyone was having fun. At that time, Likhitha came with her parents. I didn’t get a chance to meet her father then as he was busy business men. I met her mother (Kalpana) who’s is a doctor too. She was around 46 years old with right curves and folds in the right places.

5’6 inches little-tanned brown with short hair and big chest. I never had any feelings towards her. So we met and we had a good laugh there, she asked me to come over for lunch. I said okay. I went for lunch, I met Likhitha’s dad. We had a good time at lunch.

One day, her mum called my room (as we don’t have cell phones that handy) and asked me if I could come with her to some place as Likhitha was busy with her duty at the hospital.

So, I said ok, picked her up. She was so dull. She was not talking at all. Then, I tried to intervene but didn’t felt like asking and stayed calm. She took me to a big house, almost outskirts to Bangalore.

I went there and she told me to wait in the hall and she went upstairs. I almost waited for 5hours. I really got bored and passed off waiting at an unknown place.

After she came down, we started back our journey and I asked her in a serious tone “May I know why are we here and me waiting for so long? ” she then told not to talk anything. After going a while, she suddenly broke out and started crying. I felt really shocked and couldn’t get anything.

She gilded my arm and cried for almost 30mins. Then, she told me the place is her ex-boy friend’s place. He died of the heart attack this morning. I didn’t tell my husband about this because he would get angry if he would come to know about this, she told me that she felt comfortable with me as a friend and came with me here.

After a while, we came home. I dropped her and after that, we became close. We use to go out for lunch movies and stuff.

One day, me, Likhitha and aunty went to the second show. We went in the car. They came to drop me at my place but my roommates locked the door and were not opening it.

So, Kalpana aunty told me to come over to their house and sleep there for tonight and I had no option. I went to their house. They gave me a room. Everyone went to their rooms. After a while, I couldn’t get sleep. So, I went to the hall and started watching the tv, some random songs and stuff.

After a while, Kalpana aunty came and I told her I couldn’t get sleep. So, I was watching the tv. She then told me, she couldn’t sleep because she had a bad shoulder pain. So, we sat and started talking about life and fun, she asked me, “Can I ask you something?”

Me: yes

Kalpana: you and my daughter are in a relationship? She asked.

Me: I said, not sure (I didn’t want to tell her the truth)

Me: I asked her, why do you look so depressed? I could see that in your face.

Kalpana: I have some personal issues with your uncle.

Me: like what?

Kalpana: we are not in love or making love since 8 years. Because your uncle came to know that I had a boyfriend in my past. So, he is now living with another woman.

Me: omg, that’s bad. I told her, “Can I tell you something? I have never slept with women before”

She then gave a witty smile and told me that okay leave that topic here, give me a shoulder massage. It’s hurting a lot.Then, I took cream and started applying and slowly massaging. She was relaxing mmmmm and I slowly moved my hands little down.

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She didn’t tell anything. Then, I got courage and put my hands on her breasts. She was not telling anything. Then, I started fondling them. After a while, she told me, you wanna play with it. Let’s go to my room then, I started kissing her and slowly removed her night gown. She was stunning.

I slowly lifted her and put her on the bed started sucking her boobs. Slowly, I went down and removed her panty. She had an amazing bushy area. I then licked and played in between her legs in that bushy area with my mouth. She couldn’t resist. She was very horny. I gave her gentle strokes with my mouth.

She then asked me to put my monster in her. I had a 7.5-inch cock. She got shocked looking at it and told me to enter gently and slowly.I took my cock, slowly inserted. She started moaning. I started stroking with hitting right places inside her. She was in heaven and was moaning aaa. I stopped my strokes in between to make her more horny and high,

She then started crying, please, please, fuck me, please. Then, I slowly started again and I used the g-spot technique ( it is a very famous technique in sex which gives pleasure to women) she was moaning like crazy. Then, after stroking 28 mins, we both came and I could see the best relaxation in her face.

Then, I was hard again with in no time. So, I asked her and gave her same type of shots. We came almost 4 times. We got exhausted. We lied down on the bed and spoke for a while. After a while, I got hard on again but she said she can’t handle it anymore.

So, I got a good idea. I turned her down made her bend and I started putting my cock in her ass, I told her it will be painful but I told her to control. So, I slowly put my cock in her huge ass. It was awesome,

I started stroking so hard. She was shouting aaaaaa. I fucked her for almost 20 mins and finally came in her ass. We had amazing sessions. From then on, she became my secret wife.

Then, the main trouble started which is to be continued next part of the sex story.

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