Fun With Bhavana Aunty

Hello, Friends, this is Rajesh. I am a big fan of Indian Sex Stories. After reading the stories for a long time, I want to share my sex story, hope you guys will like it. You can email me at [email protected]

My name is Rajesh, a resident of Hyderabad, aged 26 fair and 5’9” height. And the heroine of the story is Bhavana aged 45 but looks like 32 fair and white with a stats of 34-32-36.

It starts 8 years back. I used to stay in a bachelor room in Hyderabad and she stays in the same building. So we know each other and we used to have a chat daily. I have a crush on her from the time I have seen her for the first time but don’t have enough guts to tell her.

After some days, I have moved from that house and became busy with my life. I have her number but never called due to fear and other reasons. But till now, I have a crush on her.

Coming back to 2016, I went abroad for my new job. One weekend in the month of March, I was searching my WhatsApp to chat with someone. I saw her number. With little hesitation, I messaged her.

Me: Hi, Aunty, How are you??

After 2 days, I got a reply

B: Hello, Who is this??
Me: This is Rajesh, I used to stay in your building long back.
B: Yes, I remember, How are you??
Me: I am good. Thanks that you remember me. How are you and how about uncle and kids??

B: all fine. What are you doing these days??
Me: I am in abroad doing the job.
B: Ohh, great. My elder child is also doing Masters in the US.
Me: Nice aunty. Everything going well??
B: Yeah, going well. I will catch you later Bye.
Me: Bye aunty.

I felt very happy after talking with her. All old memories are running in my mind. How I used to see her waist and side of her boobs from the sides whenever she wears a saree.

And the next day, I received a message from her. Saying Good morning and I replied her and started a conversation. As time passed, we became close again. The message turned into calls and sometimes video calls. By conversations, I came to know that she is not happy with her family life.

She used to share her problems and how her husband beats her. I used to console her. Slowly, she started liking me. We know that we like each other but we are not breaking the ice.

I am in a fear that if I take next step, she may stop talking. So, I want her to take a move. So, I cooked up a story of having an affair with another aunty before coming abroad. She started feeling jealous of her which she said. And she used to ask a lot of questions about the relationship and how she looks.

I used to tell her some stories. And the chat is continuing but she is not taking any step further. I wanted to know whether she is ready for the new relationship or not. So one day while Chatting, I asked her to play truth or dare game.

Me: Shall we play truth or dare??
B: I don’t know that game.

I explained her about the game. I told that one person can ask any question or can give any task to other person based on his selection and gave some examples.

B: No. I don’t play, I don’t like it.

After so much of pleading, she accepted to play.(Actually, she also wanted to play the game but she wants to show me that she is not interested). We started our video chat and started playing the game. I wanted her to relax and get used to the game, so I asked silly questions and gave silly tasks in the starting.

Me: Truth or dare
B: truth
Me: Favorite Hero
B: Nagarjuna. Truth or dare
Me: Truth
B: Favorite heroine
Me: Thamanna

Like this, we played for some time. Once I felt that she is relaxed and can ask any question, I started asking some naughty questions.

Me: Truth or dare
B: Truth
Me: Your 1st kiss??
B: My hubby. Truth or dare
Me: Truth
B: Your first kiss
Me: I said my girlfriend name. Truth or dare
B: truth
Me: Anyone kissed other than hubby??
B: No

I continued asking questions

Me: Whom do you want to kiss other than your hubby
B: No one
Me: If I kiss you, will you slap me or will you allow me to kiss.
B: I will not slap.
Me: Then, I can kiss you.
B: I didn’t say yes
Me: But you didn’t say No.
B: What if I say No
Me: I will request but will not force.
B: Truth or dare.

I was little paused as she was back into game

Me: Truth
B: Why you want to kiss me
Me: You look so beautiful, everyone will like to kiss your eyes, cheeks, and lips. You are so cute.

She was blushing while I am saying this

Me: Truth or dare
B: Dare(Which I wished for)
Me: GIVE Me a flying kiss
B: No
Me: Rules are rules. You have to do the task.
B: No. I won’t do.

After so much of debate(actually pleading), she accepted and gave me a flying kiss

Me: I wish it becomes a real kiss

She looked seriously. I know she is not serious but she is acting like she is serious

B: Truth or dare
Me: Dare
B: Slap yourself hard on your cheek for asking kiss

I slapped slowly.

B: Slap harder.

I SLAPPED my self so hard that made my cheek red. Which I have shown her. And said you will not slap me if I kiss you.

B: I asked to slap because you asked for flying kiss and started laughing

But till now, I am not sure what was her opinion on me. So I decided to ask her.

Me: Aunty, If I ask for the relationship same like Sravani aunty(The fake character which I created). What will be your response?

She became silent and serious ( I thought, I made a mistake by asking her this question and she may stop talking)

B(In a settled voice): I know you will ask this question when you asked me for this game. But I don’t know what to say. I am in a dilemma to make a decision. If I get into a relationship, I may face a lot of problems.

But I can’t say No also because you supported me when I am feeling low. Whenever you chat with me, I feel happy and I will wait for your messages and calls. I don’t know what this feeling is. I am listening to her silently. Once she finished I replied

Me: Sorry for asking that. I won’t force you to anything. I don’t want you to face any problem, whatever your decision is, I will accept it. Hope our friendship continues.
B: Thanks. Give me some time to take a decision.
Me: take your own time

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After that, we chatted for a while and ended our call. And we chatted normally for a week. After one week, I received a message

B: I have taken a decision, call me after 2 hours.

I waited for 2 hours. Which I felt like a day. After 2 hours, I messaged her can I call now. She replied yes.

I made a video call, she was wearing a wheatish color saree with a red border. She is looking so beautiful in that saree. But she was serious and sad. By seeing her face, I decided that I will get a negative response.

Me: What you have decided? I am very nervous to hear your decision.
B: I know you are waiting for my answer. I am feeling sad to say this. Sorry, we can’t make this relationship. I know you will feel bad but try to understand. It’s better we stay like this and don’t make any step further.

All this while I was silent and became sad even though I expected this response by seeing her face.

She continued her talk but I can’t hear anything. I was really sad.
She stopped talking and became silent. I was looking at her in a sad face. Suddenly, she started laughing and I was confused why she is laughing. I asked her why are you laughing.

B: go and check yourself how sad your face looks.
Me(In an irritated voice): Shall I dance for getting a negative response?
B: Yes you have to dance because It’s a yes dear. I just teased you by saying No. I am happy to have you, dear. And how you believed what I said even after wearing this saree(It’s her favorite saree. She will wear it on special occasions).

Me: By seeing your face. It is so serious that I had to believe whatever you said.
B: Sorry dear. I love you.
Me: I love you 2.

She gave me a flying kiss.

Me: I want a real one
B: Come to Hyderabad and take as many you want.
Me: I will come for sure. But I want a gift now
B: What do you want dear
Me: I want to see your belly button.
B: Stupid. I just said yes and you became naughty
Me: Please, please, please.

She slowly moved her pallu from her stomach and showed me the belly button, it is so deep.

I gave a flying kiss. She felt shy and after that, we had a chat for some time and it had some kisses and some teasing. After that, we had a lot of phone sex sessions. We had nude video calls. She used to masturbate in the video call.

We used to tease each other. Now, I am in Hyderabad. We are going to meet for a movie in the next week. I will tell you what happens in my next sex story. Hope you guys liked it. Any suggestion you can message me. Any girls/aunties in Hyderabad feel free to message me at [email protected]

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