Friend Borrowing Created Mess

Myself Kanupriya, I’m an engineering student from Computer Science department. My family is very conservative one, talking with guy is a big deal for me, friendship and date are just from the moon. After higher secondary I pursued for BE and was selected. I moved to another city in hostel and started to study over here. As the city was new, I was free from boundaries. Free to go anywhere, free to meet anyone, free to talk with anyone. I had a childhood friend who was now living in same city in which I was doing engineering. I searched his number from friends and finally got it. I called him and he responded warmly. He came to see me and I was glad to meet him. I wasn’t having any physical attachment towards him, and he was just like a friend to me, my only friend at that time. We started to meet often around college. His name is Saurabh and my parents won’t appreciate me seeing him at all. Peoples say that his family doesn’t hold good reputation in the society, but as long as he was good with me, I didn’t care. Let me tell about myself now, I’m 5 feet 3 inches, very slim, my friends call me deer legs, 26 waists, 30 butts, slim arms and slim legs. Even my thighs and legs seem to be same wide. Just uniquely my boobs are bigger in compared to my body, with size of 32. I’m dusky in complexion but yet with good face cut and juicy lips, I’m considered under desirable girl in college. My seniors and classmates keep on trying on me but I don’t pay head to it. Saurabh suggested me that meeting him quite often wasn’t a good thing for me. He suggested me to join me on WhatsApp and we can talk over there. I became dull and showed him my non android phone. He smiled mildly and didn’t say anything. My parents won’t let me have android phone. A week later, he asked me whether I will appreciate if he could arrange a phone for me. I asked him about it as he wasn’t an earning fellow. He said that he’ll borrow amount from his friends and will return him in instalment. I strictly rejected it but he kept on giving me emotional dialogues and finally I agreed. On designated day we moved to the market with no money in hand. We went to the shop, selected a set, asked the price and then he called his friend. His friend whose name was Vishal reached the shop in 15 minutes. He was driving an avenger bike, was in Bermuda and Tees, was looking like some local rowdy and hadn’t shaved for days. He pulled cash from his pocket and passed it to Saurabh. He said 3 months only and Saurabh nodded his head. He was looking at me all the time and sexual desire was visible in his eyes. I didn’t like his vision but I stayed silent. After he left we bought the set and came back happily. I did ask Saurabh that how much he borrowed on which he told me 15 thousand.

I activated internet next day and we started to chat. We chatted a lot, every second we got, we chatted. Sometimes he flirted too but not vulgar one. He was like a habit to me so even if he went vulgar, up to some extent, I wouldn’t have objected. One day suddenly his conversation went dull. He was talking but the enthusiasm was missing. I asked him several times but he didn’t reply properly. Finally, I asked him to meet me. He avoided but finally I managed to meet him. He was all pale, unshaved and was looking like a patient. I forced him too much to utter and finally he spoke. He told that the money he borrowed for me, currently he wasn’t able to return back to Vishal. And Vishal was harassing him up, wasn’t in mood to give him little more time. Just then Vishal called and he put his cell on speaker mode. I heard those types of threat and abuse which I hadn’t heard in movies too. Finally, he dropped the call with warning to pay him back in two days. I came back to hostel but couldn’t sleep. He was in mess just because of my android phone and I was considering myself equally responsible for his condition. Two day later I gave him a call from college and asked him whether he managed to get fund. He denied and said he’s ready to face the consequences. I was so sorry for him, but practically I wasn’t able to do anything. But I was feeling full guilt in my heart. After college I came to hostel and then went to have a walk in the evening. I was very much tensed and might start to weep anytime. That’s why I went for a walk. While walking I saw Vishal. He was heading towards somewhere in another luxury bike. I raised my hand towards him to stop. He stopped just beside me and I started to beg him to give him some time. Few peoples started to look towards us and both of us were feeling embarrassed. I immediately realised my mistake and he looked at me angrily. He said to sit in bike and without wasting a second I climbed on his bike. He headed towards some den of his. After climbing his bike, I was sure that I did a wrong move but wasn’t able to say him to stop the bike. We moved few kilometres and he stopped in front of shady isolated building. He parked his bike and asked me to come inside. Hesitantly I went inside with him. The place was all messed up, bottles of beers and packets of cigarette were thrown everywhere. He pulled a table and then two chairs and asked me to sit. While I sat in front of him he called someone. A small guy about 10 years old came and he ordered him tea. I was about to say when he said that we should have tea first. I nodded my head and he lit a cigarette. I was sitting with eyes looking towards floor. Accidentally I looked at him and found him staring at me, from head to toe. I immediately realised what I was wearing. I was wearing a fitted crop top (Google it), my navel was open to display. Along with that I was wearing a Capri below. I was feeling so awkward but I wasn’t able to look towards him. Tea arrived and we both had it silently. After the tea he asked me to speak. I had prepared my speech in the meanwhile so I started to speak like a speech. He listened to me calmly and then said, “If he’s not able to pay, and if he borrowed for you, ask your parents to give it to you then.” I panicked immediately; my parents would have chopped me in pieces if I had asked for it. Android set was a crime for me for my family, and Saurabh was like a murder crime for my family. I instantly said that my family will kill me if they know about it. He halted a while and said then he can’t do anything. He also said that Saurabh had taken the money and I shouldn’t get involved in between. I said that it was because of me that’s why I was been requesting. I asked him just 3 more months and said that I was sure he can pay him in that period.

He didn’t reply for whole 5 minutes. I was all tensed and then suddenly he came closer to me. He reached his hand to bottom of my crop top and pulled it upwards. While he was pulling my top up he asked, “Do you wear bra or not?” I froze and he managed to pull my top up and expose my bra covered boobs. He looked at them for a while and said, “Not bad.” I immediately came back to sense and pushed my top back to position. I immediately howled at him, “I cannot do this for money, I’m not that type of girl.” He looked at me and said, “OK! Leave now; I’ll recover my money from him today, even if I had to break his bones.” Instantly he emerged in front of my eyes. Broken bones, his family will become aware of it, they will pass that information to my family, I’ll be beaten badly, studies will be kept on hold, grounded in my house, treated badly every day, until I will be married to some old man or divorcee as every bad character girl in our city had gone to same fate. I immediately shook in horror. I think he smelled my fear and he advanced his hand back on my top bottom and raised it again. Even I wasn’t a bad character, but I knew what my family will have assumed. I knew I was stuck in heavy messy situation and Vishal had already sensed it. While I was thinking about my situation he managed to open the hooks of my strapless bra. My bra fell on ground when I realised it, and caught his hand while he was about to grab my boobs. He looked at me with question and I said, “If I do this will the amount will settle.” I even forgot that I was a virgin, with no affair in past, came from a reputed family and this guy was not even stranger but also was blackmailing me. He picked my bra and gave it to me. He said, “What’s your name?” I replied my name. He said, “Kanupriya! I know your condition, your fear; I know you’re on terrible side. And I can even blackmail you and you’ll do everything I say. I won’t forget the money. I will give just 15 days’ time only.” I looked at him with awe and he continued, “If he isn’t able to arrange money in 15 days, without reminder on 16th day, just come to this place, and I’ll extend the time for 15 more days.” I was abusing him in my heart, I am ready to give him my virginity and he wanted to use me further more. He was just a lewd fellow and I understood that it wasn’t worthy begging him up. He again advanced his hand towards my boobs and I caught his hands again. He looked at me again and waited. I thought of all possible options and after thinking for whole 3 minutes, my grips on his hand loosen up and I left his hands. Till then I was just sitting topless in front of him with my crop top around my neck and bra on the table.

He pulled my top and got it out. He kept them on the table and started to stare at my boobs. I was so much embarrassed that I closed my eyes immediately. After a minute or two, I opened my eyes when he grabbed my both boobs in his both hands and started to mistreat them. He was rough and he said, “No one can imagine that a slim girl like you could have such terrific boobs.” He asked, “I bet, one time with me and you’ll not be able to walk for days. I think you must be having a very tight and shut opening.” I didn’t understand what he said, but soon realised as he made me stand. He opened the button of Capri and started to pull it out. Within minute it was near my toes and he pulled it out. I was all naked in front of him and he looked at my pussy. It was clean shaved so he asked that how my boyfriends I was having. I shyly said none, so he asked then why I kept my pussy bald. I uttered because it’s unhygienic to keep hairs. He asked, “How many guys have done this before?” I uttered none. He whistled and said wow. He pulled a mattress and spread it on the floor. He pushed me on the mattress and I just fell flat on it. He opened his clothes and as soon as he was nude, I imagined a Lion going to fuck a lamb. When I saw his dick it was too big also and certainly not fit for my size. He jumped on my and grabbed me tightly. He started to rub his unshaved beard line on my boobs, check and belly. Then he kissed me with full mouth. When he was done he started to suck my nipples. Though unwillingly but he was making me wet now. He kept on kissing and licking everywhere and finally spread my legs for final assault. I instantly shivered in terror. He placed his dick on my pussy lips, grabbed me tightly and gave a big hit. Straight away his dick slipped inside my pussy, breaking the hymen along. I screamed in pain and started to sob with hiccups. The guy who dropped the tea came inside running. He saw us and said, “Vishal brother, lucky to have a fresh piece.” He said to me, “Why did you get fucked here, you should have told me, I will have taken you to a brothel. For a virgin piece guys are ready to pay 100000 too.” He was offering me prostitution and I should have scolded him for that, but the amount of pain in my pussy was making me difficult to concentrate anywhere. Vishal wasn’t hitting me at all; he just kept his dick inside and was sucking my nipples. After 5 minutes, he raised his head up and slapped me hard. He said, “How much you’ll shout, normally girls stop screaming in 2 minutes and you are roaring in my ears since 5 minutes.” I said, “You are heavy for me, I’m not physically grown also, very slim body I have.” He slapped me again and said, “Didn’t my dick went inside? It did, so you’re old enough to get fucked and adjust with me.” He started to give slow thumps, and started to gain speed. I wasn’t comfortable at all. But I didn’t say anything in fear of getting slapped again. He soon captured speed and I was feeling lot relaxed now. Pain was less but I wasn’t enjoying at all. Within few more minutes he flooded inside my pussy. I panicked, “I’ll get pregnant.” He said, “Eat pills, don’t you watch TV.” I didn’t say anything. He pulled his dick out and stood up. I felt like a bulldozer had just lifted up from me.

I sat up and looked at my pussy; the mattress was all soaked with blood. I tried to get up but couldn’t. He shouted at that guy, he came inside with a wet towel, cleaned my pussy and gave support to me to stand. I pulled my clothes and started to wear them, staring with bra. The small kid was just squeezing my butts with his hands. Vishal just laughed at him, “You haven’t reached that age.” He looked at Vishal and said, “Keep her in your control; till I am able to fuck her, I will surely like my opening ceremony with her.” Vishal laughed loudly and said, “Even if she will not be in my control, you can go to her house and do your opening ceremony with her.” Both laughed together and I managed to pull my Capri up. I asked Vishal to drop me to my hostel. Vishal pulled his cell and called Saurabh. He said to me, “Should I tell him, what scarifies you did for him?” I immediately said not to tell him. He talked with him and told him that generously he wanted to give him 15 more days. Saurabh thanked him 100 times and then disconnected the call. He asked the kid to take a Luna and drop me hostel. I came out with him and we reached to a Luna in the shed. When we were in shed that kid said, “Madam at least lift your top and bra and let me suck your nipples.” I said, “Shut up.” He said, “OK! Go yourself.” I went back inside and told Vishal about it. Vishal said that he was harmless and it’s just an innocent wish. I came outside and I looked at him angrily. Then I slowly lifted my top along with my bra. He grabbed my nipples and sucked them for two minutes, one minute each and then started the Luna. I adjusted my clothes and climbed behind. In the way I gave him 100 bugs and asked him to get a pill for me. He stopped at a medical store and brought the pill. I opened the tablet and gulped it immediately. He laughed and said, “You won’t get pregnant that fast, you can eat that in 24 hours also.” I didn’t say anything and we moved on the road again. He dropped me hostel in few minutes. Saurabh called me and told about it, he was so much relaxed and was thanking Vishal. Only I knew what I had gone through for this. I got fever in night, my roommates cared me well. In three days the fever was gone. Then I started to force Saurabh to arrange money as soon as possible. He was trying hard I know but he failed in 15 days. I was hell horrified but I knew my situation. Without reminder I took an auto and reached Vishal place around 5pm after college. He was sitting with another guy on the mattress. As soon as he saw me he said, “I was waiting for you only, get rid of your clothes and come to mattress.” I looked at his friend and he said, “Today he will also join us.” I howled, “I’m not a prostitute, I can go and do prostitution and can earn more that I owe you.” He looked relaxed and told me few red lights area. I was so much annoyed that I immediately rushed out and went to the told place. I stood near the road and was observing the events there. I observed how girls stood there and how girls were being picked up. Finally, I thought to try it myself.

I stood beside a pole, but as soon as a car slowed down, I panicked. I started to walk when someone shouted with my name. I panicked immediately and looked back. I found a known face; he was living in my city and stayed near the tuition classes I went, while I was in higher secondary. He instructed me that it wasn’t a good place and I told him that I was just passing by. He offered lift and I denied. He smiled and went a little forwards and picked someone else and moved on. I straight away understood how risky this job was for me. I could get in touch with any guy from my college or even from my city. And then I will be in mess in both my college or maybe in my city too. I dropped this act and called Vishal. I told him I’ll visit him tomorrow. He didn’t say anything and asked to visit at 4 instead of 5. I got myself ready on next day around 3:30 pm. I came out of hostel and headed to his place with an auto. I reached there exactly at 4 pm. With throbbing heart, I entered the place, moved from the boundary to the door, then door towards the room inside. I didn’t knock the door and went straight to his room. He was sitting on the mattress, smoking and taking with two more guys. He looked at me and smiled gently, I couldn’t smile back. He said, “Get rid of your clothes and get on your fours on the mattress.” I looked at his friends for a second but didn’t say anything. I just started to get rid of my clothes. His both friends were getting sensation on each clothes being shredded. They weren’t looking at me, instead were staring at me. I got on the mattress and got on my fours, though I was there by force yet I was wet between my thighs. I was sure that my pussy was going to be used and though I wasn’t interested in them, yet my pussy started to become wet. My face was towards wall so I wasn’t looking towards them. About a minute later, someone touched my butts and spread my legs. Within the next moment I felt his dick penetrating in my pussy, it was thick and my pussy was almost virgin and was been fucked only once. But it wasn’t hard for him to penetrate now and my pussy swallowed it all. But still my pussy was facing to much resistance on it walls. He kept his weight on my back, grabbed my boobs and started to thump me up. I started to weep; I was getting hurt, both by the dick and his manhandling my boobs. I was trying to suppress my weeps but he was very much merciless, and was treating me like a professional prostitute. He kept on hitting me for a long time and then flooded inside me and moved. As soon as he was gone another one replaced him. Minute by minute my disaster was getting bigger. My pussy was on fire, burning by continuous rubbing, but none of them cared. I knew there was no way out at all, and complaining won’t do any betterment. The second guy took his sufficient time before flooding me inside. He commented, “Tight Boss, Very Tight.” As soon as he was out, the last one who was expected to be Vishal himself replaced him. He identically performed the same fucking scene and flooded me inside.

As he was done, he asked me to go to the bathroom and clean my pussy. I went to the bathroom, cleaned my pussy and returned back. He pulled me by my arms and made me sit between his legs, with my back facing his chest. He kept his chin on my right shoulder, forwarded his hands on my chest, grabbed my boobs and started to squeeze them gently. He was kissing between my earlobes and neck in between. I wasn’t looking at them who were surely enjoying my body with their eyes. They were talking over few topics which I wasn’t aware of at all. Suddenly from nowhere one of them asked, “What about her asshole, can we fuck her asshole too.” I immediately looked at him in shock and anger. He smiled on my face and Vishal replied, “Yes of course, why not, let’s try it just now.” I was pushed on my fours and I panicked. I begged Vishal not to, he slapped me hard. He said, “You aren’t in position to negotiate.” Immediately I found someone’s dick trying to penetrate in my asshole. I got tiny asshole and it was tough to get inside it. Yet the guy managed to get inside few inches. I was on disaster, trying to suppress my screams but within 2 minutes it was hard to suppress anymore, I started to scream and cry. I was begging them not to do, but second by second the dick was making his way inside my ass. In next 5 minutes he was completely inside. He squeezed my boobs hard and said in my ears, “I’m in completely, relax now.” It was so easy for him to say to relax; I only knew what was going on inside my ass. Within a minute gap he started to thump my ass. But every stroke was unbearable. I tried to set free but he was holding me tightly. I was yelling when other one pushed his pick in my mouth. He said, “Suck and concentrate here.” Having no choice is started to suck his dick and yes it eased a little. They started to assault me both way and started to comment that how good prostitute I could be. They drilled me both way and after 15 minutes exploded at a time. As soon as they withdrew I crawled to the end of mattress and spitted out thing inside my mouth. I was immediately pulled back and Vishal penetrated my ass immediately. I couldn’t say he went easily and I wasn’t feeling pain but yes he didn’t take that much time. Without wasting time, he started to thump me and utilize every moment of it. I was still in very much disaster but didn’t utter anything. It took him 20 minutes to flood me inside and step aside. I went to the bathroom and came back after clearing myself. He was on call with Saurabh, he was telling him how generous he was and was providing him 15 more days. I picked my clothes and got dressed. No one objected and I just came out of house. It was already around 6 pm so I took an auto to get back to hostel. As the last time I caught fever again, and it took me another 3 days to recover.

When I recovered I called Saurabh, I barked at him that when the hell he’ll return the money. He barked back, when Vishal is so generous then why I was so much concerned about it. I couldn’t explain him the reason and so he hung the call. Only I knew the cost, I was being paying for his negligence. On the next 16th day I gathered my courage and moved to Vishal place. As soon as I got inside I immediately realised, that what a misery will be today. Vishal was sitting on the mattress on floor. Three chairs were kept in a round and were occupied by three fellows. As soon as I got inside, they started to scan me from top to bottom. Vishal asked me to move to the kitchen. I moved in kitchen and found a note on the kitchen platform. It said to get naked and bring three glasses of water. It also said that whatever happens the glass shouldn’t fall and neither the water. I gathered my courage and disrobed. I became bare and filled three glasses of water placed them on a tray and moved to the hall. As soon as I moved inside the hall one of them pulled his chair aside. He motioned his hands to give water to the rest two fellows. I stepped towards them, bowed a little down and offered the water to them. Instead of picking the water glass, both of them grabbed my boobs, one boob each. They started to press my boobs softly like a papaya or a mango was being checked for ripeness. They kept on doing this for few moments when I felt the third one spreading my thighs. He kept his leg between my legs, and then kept his foot adjacent to mine. He pushed his foot and likewise I had to move my foot away from other. I was already bowed down. So his dick easily found my pussy and he pushed his dick inside. it was making me it hard for me to hold the tray without spilling the water. But next moment it became harder when the guys sitting in front pushed my tray upwards. I had to literally keep that they near my neck line as they both managed to gulp my nipples and check them. I was so much confused where to concentrate. Either to concentrate on the guy fucking my pussy, or to the pair of mouth sucking my nipples and biting them, or towards the tray I was holding. A moments of relief was send to my spine when I found liquid filling my pussy. The guy was over now and I was relieved but I was wrong. As soon as he went off, a sofa table was pulled and I was made to climb on that. I was on fours and the tray was placed on my back near my shoulder.

One of them forced his dick in my mouth and the other one managed his dick inside my pussy. They warned me to take care of the tray. I was like a stone now, an idol and was unable to move to adjust. They kept on fucking me both ways and deposited their sperm inside me in next 15 minutes. Then they were over they picked one glass each and drank the water. The tray was removed but when I tried to get up Vishal was on my back with lubricated dick. He pushed his dick inside my asshole and started to fuck me furiously. Rest of them nearly spilled the water and asked that whether ass fuck was also allowed. He smiled and nodded his head and asked them to raise their dick again and try just after him. All of them started to massage their dick with cold cream and I was sure the I was going to be tortured now. Vishal was generous and released soon giving way to his friends to brutalise my asshole now. As soon as he was off one of them was inside my asshole, thumping me with full speed and power. He was mauling my boobs in between. Soon he was off and another one replaced my asshole. He was performing the same, same style, same power and same activities. Standing in the same place was causing tingling in my thighs, legs and arms. But they didn’t care and kept on taking use of my asshole until all were done. I relaxed on the table itself and all three of them dress up and left. When they left Vishal came and turned me on my back, he spread my legs and got inside my pussy. He attacked my nipples and boobs, along with slow but hard push in my pussy. He was drunk and was yet kissing my lips. I only managed to ask him how long this was going to happen. What if Saurabh didn’t pay him at all? He thought for a while and then said that he’ll make sure he comes to a decision next time. As he was finished I cleaned myself and went back to hostel, as usual the fever was back and it took two days to settle.

I didn’t call Saurabh this time, instead I waited to the day to arrive. I was relaxed with the surety he gave me. Next fortnight I reached his place and was not disgraced but instead was delighted. As soon as I got inside I saw Vishal sitting with two rough looking muscular guys in early thirties. They were dark skinned and had red eyes which told how much they were drunk. One of them asked Vishal whether I was that girl. Vishal nodded his head and they withdraw their clothes. Both of them sat naked and were having thick and long dicks. One of them howled at me to get naked and prepare them by sucking their dick. I went to close the door when Vishal asked me to let it be open. I started to disrobe and within moments I was all naked. I sat on my knees and took the first guy dick in my mouth. I started to suck him slowly and he was busy talking with Vishal. After few minutes the other guy baked to service him now. I left the first dick and took the next dick in my mouth. I started to suck him and it went for few minutes. They were commenting on my body all the time, specially about my boobs. Then the guy stopped me from sucking and the first guy relaxed on the sofa and asked me to climb and take his dick inside. I climbed on him and took his dick inside with lots of friction. He was inside when I found other guy poking his dick in my asshole. I turned around in horror and begged him not altogether. The guy refused to listen to my pleas and fucked his dick inside my asshole with lots of friction. They both started to thump me alternatively. I was in immerse pain and was feeling heavy friction in my both holes. After solid 45 minutes they changed places and started to fuck me again for 15 more minutes. At last the marathon came to a halt and I was released from the grip. They both got dressed and left.

Vishal asked me to clean myself and deposit myself on table. I did as he told to me and closed my eyes to relax a little. Within 3-4 minutes I found someone sucking my nipple and mauling my other boob. Assuming him as Vishal I didn’t open my eyes and let him play with my body. He kept on licking my tummy, my thighs and my neck. After 10 minutes he left me and within 2-3 minutes he was back on me, demanding me to spread my legs so that he can enter me. I gave him way and he entered my pussy but as soon as he was inside me, I realised it wasn’t Vishal. I immediately opened my eyes and to my biggest horror Saurabh was the one who was fucking me. I was shocked but he smiled and whispered in my ears, while kissing on my earbobs. He said that he didn’t knew I was so desperate to get laid and if I was then I should have asked him about it. He would have loved to fuck me all the time. He also said that if I was found of multiple guys that he also has a large circle and in fact each of his friends masturbated imagining me. He continued that it was not so late and when he’ll tell his friends about it they will be pity bit excited about it and will love to ravish me at their places. He started to bite my neck, on my boobs and on my tummy. He was literally chewing my nipples now. In next 15 minutes he flooded me inside and stepped aside. As soon as he was off Vishal replaced him and he wasn’t in foreplay so he just crushed himself, fucked me hard and left. As soon as he left me he suggested Saurabh to fuck my ass. Saurabh told him that he wasn’t in hurry and can fuck my ass anytime he likes. He told him that he can take me to his place and fuck me for whole day. I got up and cleaned myself, then I dressed up and was about to leave when Saurabh said that he’ll drop me. I rejected his offer but he forced so I climbed on his bike. In the way he asked me whether he can fuck me elsewhere also or I will allow him only at Vishal place. I didn’t reply him and then he saw someone. He stopped the bike and asked me to wait for 5 minutes. He rushed to the opposite side of the road and met someone. When I saw the person I was terrified. He was the same uncle who was picking hook up when I was giving prostitution a try. Saurabh and that man kept on taking for 5 minutes, looking at me all the time. They were smoking and when it was over they clapped hands in hi five and that uncle left with his car. Saurabh came back and I didn’t dare to ask what they talked. In front of hostel Saurabh dropped me. Before I could get inside, he pulled me by my waist and raised my top and bra altogether. He sucked my nipples for few minutes and then he said to drop few of my nude pictures on WhatsApp, as he wanted to show them to his friends. I adjusted my clothes immediately and looked at him angrily. He left smiling and I came inside cursing him all the time.

I knew something bad was going to happen soon and as expected it happened in three days. I was going to college by foot. The same uncle whose name was Sujit Sinha stopped his car just beside me. I panicked and he opened the gate. He asked me to get inside but I said I was getting late for college. He insisted few times and I got inside. He moved the car off the city and took a steep turn, then rolled the car on a narrow road then on a muddy road. After 15-minute drive he stopped his car new a small river. The place was isolated and so he turned the engine down. He turned towards me and asked, “Kanupriya how much you took for single time.” I looked at him angrily and said excuse me. He smiled and pinched my cheeks. He said that Saurabh have already told me that I was doing prostitution for earning some easy money. I didn’t know he was such a bastard, I trusted him against my family and this was the result I was getting. My mind tried to run quickly but I wasn’t finding any solution right now. So Sinha uncle asked again that how much I took for one time. Accidentally I spoke 5000 bugs. I wasn’t in prostitution and so didn’t knew the rates but still I managed to speak. He said that I should raise my rate as it was too little than he expected. He said that anyways he was fine with the rate. He came closer to me and I panicked. He looked at me angrily and asked what happened. He said that he was ok with the rate and he’ll pay me the amount. He came closer again and pulled the seat lever. The back rest declined down and I was lying flat on the seat now. He raised my top and along with my bra till my neck. My boobs were bare now and he looked at them for few minutes. He then played with my boobs, mauling them up and pinching my nipples. He declined his back rest too and then climbed on his seat. He sat on his knees and was all over my chest now. He gulped my nipples alternatively and sucked them well, kissed all over my boobs and tummy. He took advantage and kissed me few times on lips and bit my lower lips, in fact chewed them. While he was chewing my lips, his palm reached my pant button.

He opened the button, unchained the pant chain and then started to removed my pants. It was loose pant and he didn’t find any major difficultly in removing it completely. He fingered my pussy few minutes and when he felt my pussy moistened, he stopped kissing me. He said that we should hurry as anyone comes than I will have to fuck him too in the cost on one. I didn’t say anything to he just removed his shoes and then got rid of his pants and underwear. He opened the dashboard and pulled a condom, wore it and came between my legs. He spread my legs and forced his dick in my pussy, for the first time anyone was fucking me with condom. His dick was good sized but not very thick and long, so it easily slipped inside. Yet I wasn’t getting fucked daily so still it had tightness. He exclaimed and asked me whether I was new in business, as mostly prostitutes have loose pussy. I didn’t reply him and he started to fuck me holding my waist. He was an old guy, not so young and as expected he washed up in few minutes only. He withdrew his dick then the condom and threw it outside the window. He relaxed on his seat and I was confused now, why he was waiting for. He pulled me by my arms and asked me to suck his dick. I looked at him confused so he told me that he’ll fuck my ass too, as he was paying me 5000 bugs so he’ll make sure every single rupee was utilized. I didn’t argue and took his dick in my mouth. I sucked him for few minutes and soon he was back in power.

Realising his tightness he stopped me, pulled another condom, wore it. He made me on fours and pushed his condom gel lubricated dick inside my asshole. It went inside easily and he deposited his weight on my and started to bit me on my shoulders. He proceeded his hands on my boobs and was mauling them when his stopped his thumping. He had squirted few minutes ago only so it was expected that he’ll take more time than before. He doubled his last time and flooded inside condom in my asshole. He withdrew his dick and then got rid of that condom too. He slapped my butts and told me that how much he enjoyed. He asked me to get dress. I got dress along with him. We adjusted the seat back and then he gave me 5000 bugs. He kissed me again and then I accidentally asked, when he’ll meet again. He busted in laughter and said that he can meet me after two days. He asked whether he can bring his two friends along with him next time. I foolishly asked him that how much he will pay me. He smiled and said 5000 bugs for each. He pulled his purse and handed me 7500 and said that it was advance and I should keep my schedule free on that day. He said he’ll pick me from the same place. I was calculating this time, I was being fucked by three guys or even more and it wasn’t a big deal. And how long these old guys will take. With total 20000 bugs I could get rid of Vishal. All his principle amount and even the interest. Getting rid of Vishal along with Saurabh also. So I agreed and took the money, we drove back to the city and he dropped me on the same place from where he picked me. He reminded me about our schedule and I came back to the hostel again. There was no use of going to college anymore. I was fucked like a prostitute but still I was happy. I hummed and was excited to get fucked by them after two days. Because just after that I’ll be free from Vishal & Saurabh.

Two days passed and I reached on the said place on right time. I waited there excitedly for 15 minutes and I couldn’t believe myself that my pussy was all wet all the time. Sinha car arrived and stopped near me, the gate opened and I got inside. I looked backside once and saw two faces, there were two guys of same age group, looking vulgarly at me. Sinha uncle drove the car and we moved to the same spot which we visited last time. But the difference was this time he moved to some more isolated place. As soon as the car engine was down, he looked at me and then to my clothes. Taking that as a demand I started to get rid of my clothes. First the top, then the bra, then jeans and panty. I was bare so he asked me to get out of the car and join his friends in back seat. I opened the car door, got outside and opened the back seat door. I was welcomed by two naked guys, who immediately pulled me inside. I was placed in between and both of them were all over me. Licking my boobs, biting my neck, sucking my nipples, licking my tummy, fingering my pussy, grabbing my thin thighs. They were very desperate to fuck me so I was brought on fours and one of them pushed his dick in my mouth. I started to suck him nicely and then I realised the other one entering my pussy. I immediately turned around and said, “Condoms please.” I tried to act as professional prostitute. Sinha uncle objected this time and said to let them fuck without condoms and they will pay me 2000 more. I didn’t say anything, turned my head back and resumed sucking the dick. The man in my pussy, delighted started to fuck me furiously. But as I knew earlier that he won’t last long so soon he was washed up inside. As he was over, Sinha uncle replaced me and fucked my pussy. He fucked me for a short while and both the guy in my mouth and Sinha uncle shot their loads at a time. I spit the load from my mouth and relaxed on the seat. We all were on the back seat sitting closely and I took two dicking in my hands and started to massage them. They looked at me confused and excited. I said that I thought one more round with my asshole also. They smiled and said I was smart girl. They again started to play with my whole body. It took them to regain tightness in 15 minutes and this time they took turns in fucking my ass. One of the fucked my ass and rest two waited outside. As he was finished the next guy came inside and resumed fucking my ass. Sinha uncle was last guy who fucked my ass. When he was finished the first guy came inside. He said that he wanted to fuck my pussy. I didn’t think that these guys could make up for the third round too, still I turned around and let him enter in my pussy. He started to fuck me slow and was kissing me all the time. It was third round for him but still he didn’t take more than 15 minutes to flood me inside. Rest two were not interested for third round. So I cleaned myself and got dressed, and sat in my previous seat. They handed me 9500 bugs and dropped me back from where they picked me.

Before dropping Sinha uncle asked that when will they see me again. I told them that I was busy for few days for exam and was going home. I said I’ll call them whenever I will be free. All three of them gave their names and number which I saved in my mobile. On the next day I rushed to Vishal place with all cash. He was surprised to see me that soon, hugged me kissed me and pressed my boobs few time. I plainly asked me that how much he owed from Saurabh. He was confused for a while and said 15000. I asked and what about interest. He thought for a while and said 3500. I pulled my purse and handed him all 22000. He smiled and started to count, after counting he returned me 3500 saying that it was excess. I gave that sum back and asked him to give it to Saurabh for all this help. He smiled but didn’t say anything. He just said, “Kanupriya! You’re free now.” I came back to hostel all relaxed.

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