Ferrero With My Physics Teacher!

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A bit about myself- I am a newbie in Ahmadabad, and only here for the next four months. New at writing here, but been reading since a long while! Am a horny chubby cute guy with great sense of humor and always horny! Mail me: [email protected]

The Story is about when i was in school in my 12th grade and final exams were coming nearer. I used to be too involved with partying with friends late at nights and playing sports. I hardly every studied. Now, my physics teacher used to always be very close to me and i used to always entertain her. She was my favorite! With a body like Ayesha Takia, just more fat. My dream was always to land my face in between those round voluptuous Boobs!

With exams only a week away, i was not nervous, but she was very nervous. i wasn’t nervous because my eyes were always staring at those two balloons only! She kept asking me, how is studying going and if i need any help. i kept saying no maa’m, i am good and will score well. Later that day, while leaving class, when everyone was away, i played a prank on Reena maam(ooh, her name is reena maam) and scared her by appearing suddenly from behind the door, she got sooo scared, she jumped on me and tightly hugged me because she got soo scared! I was surprised, and by mistake i instead of holding her shoulders, held those awesome round jugs! God, my dick went up very fast! and she inspite of feeling my huge bulge touching her stomach (i am 6 ft 3 btw) she kept hugging me and i didnt leave her boobs, slowly she let go and i did too, one minute of dead silence followed and we didnt talk for the next half an hour- i kept doing my work and she kept doing hers.

When i got done with my work, i packed and before going, told her that i am leaving and told her Bye Reena maam! And she replied, “good bye beta, let me know if you have any more doubts, you have my number”

That day i went home and couldnt study at all, i kept thinking about the most beautiful thing i held in class today, those boobs kept coming in my head and i kept masturbating! Must have done it at least 6 times that day!

Now next day, i went to class and with everyone being there, reena maam conducted a surprise test! i couldnt study the previous day because of those BOOOBS stuck in my head! So, i almost passed and rest all also almost passed but i got 8th highest out of 25.

That day also, while sitting in class, i kept staring at the boobs only- beautifully popping out of the kurta she was wearing! While going that day, she came to me and said, “Rahul, i didn’t expect you to score 8th highest only! You know how much potential you have and you can score soo much more!” I said, “i know maam but my mind was disturbed today” She asked, “Okay, i understand. But do one thing today, i know you dont study at home talking and flirting with all girls, come to my home after dinner and we will revise”

She was so much kind to me, but my head kept thinking, how am i going to fuck this beautiful teacher of my dream tonight! Fantasies kept coming to my head, my head in between those boobs, she grinding her ass on my cock, kept spanking her ass and our two tongues constantly fondling together with exchange of saliva!

My entire time from leaving the class till dinner- only this thing kept going in my mind! Afterwards, i went all dressed up with good perfume and all. She had texted me the address and being grateful for her calling me, i went to her place with a box of Ferrero Rochers.

I knocked on the door and there she was, in the perfect silk nighty of velvet colour. my dick got erect seeing her and it stayed like that for the next 30 minutes. We started our work, both of us sat on a study table which was small and thus were very close to each other, my shoulders kept touching hers and since that was happening, she kept keeping her shoulders together and that created a massive cleavage!

Vectors and Diagrams and Gravity were not going in my head, i just wanted to put my head in between those two boobs! After a few minutes, she got up and went to the kitchen and got ferrero rochers that i gifted. She gave me a few and she took a few herself. Now, reena maam has been in her thirties and wasnt married, and she lived a single life. We used to hear rumors about her affairs with a professor. But nothing concrete. So i always thought there is a chance.

She started eating ferrero rochers and while studying i too ate one, ferreros were melting and while eating, they got on her face near her lips and the same thing happened to me. she quickly touched my cheek and while doing, pulled it and said, my chubby rahul, you are too cute! I got shy and said thankyou maam, you too are very cute! Saying that, i rubbed the chocolate near her lips and licked my finger with that chocolate. She said, ” Aye Rahul, that was my ferrero chocolate, i said, well, now its in my mouth maam, there is nothing you can do!” She replied, “Get it out of your mouth and give it to me” I got carried away in it and the chocolate that was on my finger, i gave her, “First have this” She put my two fingers in her mouth and licked it for a good half minute.

Then she took melted ferrero and put it my mouth with her fingers, we both kept licking each others fingers for a long time and then, started kissing like crazy- with taste of ferrero! We then while kissing each other, fell down from chairs and now on the ground, kept kissing each other, her tongue swindling down my throat and my tongue doing the same. She then started licking my tongue- it was very hot!

I pulled her nighty up and her chubby stomach kept rubbing against my chubby stomach, we kept grinding while kissing. Her boobs i caught hold of now, i said, “Maam, i have always wanted those boobs and now i have them and i am never letting them go!” She said, “Baby, suck them dry- they are all yours!” I kept holding and massaging and squeezing boobs like ayesha takias! Then, she took off my clothes and her nighty was off to! She wasn’t wearing anything inside! i asked, “maam, 69?” i said, “Rahul, i am going to sit on your mouth and i want you to lick my pussy so fucking much!” i got soo aroused! And she sat squeezing my face with her ass.

And then, she started rubbing my cock with her smooth fingers, she then bent over and started blowing me! Her mouth took in my entire cock and then she started licking my balls, man, i dont even know how many times i came in her mouth! She drank it all the times! My dick refused to loosen up though, she kept blowing my cock and riding her ass on my face, and i kept sliding my long tongue into her sweet pink pussy!

Then i lifted her ass from my face and spanked her and pushed her off me and inserted my long cock into her tight thick pussy! “Aaaahhh” She let out a loud moan! I guess the neighbors heard it too! My cock then didn’t stop, doggy style, missionary, cow girl, we kept going until about 4 Hours! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! So much of fucking! After 4 Hours, my dick was tired and more than that, my teacher was, her pussy and ass were paining so much, after several orgasms, she wasn’t ready to go!

I cummed in her mouth, her boobs, her ass, (yes, i fucked her tight asshole too) and then on her stomach! After that, we continued kissing with our tongues and she loved licking my ear and i loved using her boobs as my pillows!

It was a dream come true for me and now, today, whoever i fuck, in the end, i masturbate thinking of this epic night only!

Also, i passed in my exam with great marks and after the result, i got the most remarkable gift from her, endless usage of her pussy!

That is all! All you aunties and teachers and girls looking for the best time, mail me: [email protected] I am always available if you like getting your pussy licked!

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