Love Making With My Sweet Cousin

Hi this is Jaikumar I am a great fan of Indian Sex Stories. Have been wanting to write my story for sometime. Here it goes, please excuse if there are any mistakes as this is my first time writing my experience. I would like to talk to any girl/women please mail me at [email protected] Little about me, am 39 years old, 6ft, athletic am working in an IT MNC as a Director in Chennai. This is a story that happened 8 years back, it could be little long for some.

Kavitha (name changed) is my distant relative, she was 28 years old at that. She lives in pune, she also works in same IT company as I do. We have seen each other in few marriages. She happened to come to Chennai for a project and she was working on the same block, I was seeing her after 7 years, in these years she had turned into a lovely lady. She was in great shape with lovely eyes, captivating smile and great to talk to. Few minutes of wanting to just say a casual hello, turned into a 30 mts conversation. I was seriously smitten by her. I had no clue if she had the same feeling.

I was in a dilemma as how to approach her. She was to be in chennai for just 3 days. The next day again we caught up and had a coffee (in the cafeteria) again a nice smooth conversation.

She had been married for couple of years by then. First thing I was glad is she never brought the topic of her spouse or the fact she is married. I also completely avoided talking about it during out talk.

The 3rd final day she was to leave that day, i asked her the previous day itself if she will come for lunch. Since she had come for a project which was on fire (not doing well) she said it is extremely hard. I was disappointed. But next day in the morning she messaged me saying she will come but need to be back quick.

I was really happy, wanted to sweep her off her feet, so brought some flowers then called her to come out. She came out, I was stunned looking at her. She was wearing a Red sleeveless tops and tight fit jean. She got into the car and asked what happened why are you looking at me like this? I said you look so pretty. She said just shut up and don’t kid me. I said seriously and could she her blush.

I took the flowers from the back seat and gave it to her, she was blushing even more and her face turned pink. I said beautiful flowers for the lovely lady, though it was cliched she felt happy. During lunch, i tried holding her hands couple of time for some lame reason, she didn’t say anything but wasn’t volunteering. I was confused. After lunch when I dropped her back, I said I will be missing you, wish you could have stayed more. She said she was waiting to tell me this and told that she has to move to chennai for next 3 months as her project needs her after 2 weeks. I just couldn’t believe what even more made me happy was the fact that she said she was waiting to tell me :).

She came back after 2 weeks and this time she was given an Furnished accommodation close to work. First few day she was busy so was I as I had to go out of country for a week. I was just wishing to be back when I came back went directly to her bay, she said at last you found time for me. I said sorry and said can we go for dinner? She said sure, we went out for dinner in a fancy restaurant in besant nagar after dinner she asked if we can go to beach. We started walking close to each other. I held her hand she didn’t say anything or move away. We walked for few minutes and she said she wants to go back as she is scared, I asked her of what she said of herself. I didn’t say anything we came back, I dropped her in her place. It was raining heavily. She said stay till rain stops.

I went up to her room it was a nice Studio apartment. It was already late and the rain wasn’t stopping, she asked me to stay back in her room. I was jumping inside with joy at my luck. But outside I acted if that is okay with her. I offered to sleep down, she said the bed it big enough and I could sleep one side. which I did dutifully. she slipped into a loose t-shirt and night 3/4 pyjammas. Switched off the light and asked to be comfortably dressed, I removed my shirt and pant was sleeping in my boxers and vest, one side of the bed.

In few minutes she started sleeping, I just couldn’t sleep. After a while i could see her with the light coming from outside. Her face was glowing, i just couldn’t resist I moved closer to her inside her bed sheet. I started touch her back, there was no response from her. I could see she wasn’t wearing any bra. slowly i moved my hand in front and was touching her navel on top her tops.

I slowly moved my hands up and felt her boobs it was large and felt soft, I tried cupping it. She turned in her sleep, i removed my hand quickly and waited for few minutes. Again i started with her boobs, ran my finger to her lip, when I touched her lips I could she her move little but she didn’t wake up (or so she acted). I brought my hands down and inserted inside her tops and touched her navel, she has a flat belly and a deep navel. My tool was standing erect and was ready to ejaculate. I pushed my finger inside her navel, she again twitched.

I knew she isn’t sleeping but she wasn’t reacting. I got courage moved my hands up and cupped her boobs. Slowly I squeezed it it was like a balloon, so soft, yet so firm. I kept my left hand inside and moved my right hand over her pussy on top of her pyjamma i was surprised to realize she wasn’t wearing panty either. I could feel slight wetness on the pyjamma. I moved closer to her put my leg over hers again no reaction.

I inserted my right hand inside her pyjamma and touched her pussy, wow it was cleanly shaved and nice mound i could feel. I held her mound. I could feel her breathing heavily, i slowly was touching her outer pussy lips. I was teasing to enter suddenly she lifted her bum and made her pussy swallow my finger. Still she was (acting) sleeping. I started finger fucking her, she started moaning slowly.

I started squeezing both her boobs and pinching her nipple (softly). She was moving her hips and matching my finger hitting her pussy in few minutes she got orgasm her body shook. I held my finger inside and the mound with my hand. Till she settled down. I removed both my hands, licked my finger and let her sleep.

My tool was standing tall in its full 7″ glory and was waiting to be touched and felt. I didn’t want to force her wanted her to continue her game. came back to my place on the bed and closed my eyes.

After couple of minutes I could feel someone close by breathing on my neck. When I opened my eyes i saw her close to me, again with her eyes closed. This time I lifted her face up and kissed her lips then started kissing her deep, now she opened her eyes and was looking into mine.

After few minutes she broke the kiss and asked me why did I move away. I told her, she was sleeping and didn’t want to disturb her. She asked didn’t you disturb me all this while, I said that was giving pleasure to and I can’t force you and wake you up. She started kissing me with tears in her eyes.

She then said she completely didn’t know what do to do as she was kind of caught in between. I said it is okay and I won’t ask her to do anything. She said no idiot I love you and started kissing again. She then removed my boxers and started sucking, it was the best ever blow job. I asked her to stop and I want to be inside her. I removed her dress completely, now I saw the real beauty. She was even more stunning with her flat tummy and big boobs she was looking hot.

I started sucking her boobs like no tomorrow, she was holding my head with one hand and my tool with other. She made me come on top of her on missionary position. She guided my cock to her pussy, since it was wet it slid in. But I was surprised to see her very tight. I travel inside was heaven. Her pussy was warm and my tool was held by her walls and they started milking it. I started pumping her, I had to control my ejaculation as I was on hold for quite sometime. Managed to hold on for about 10 minutes and I told her am cumming she said cum inside and she screamed and both of us ejaculated at same time. I stayed on her for few minutes with my cock inside her, she held me tight…

We continued our love for that 3 months and later too whenever she comes to chennai. She is now in US and we hardly get a chance to meet. This is my story please do give feedback and looking forward to meet/talk with beautiful girls/women, write to me at [email protected]

Grilfriend’s Mother Become My Girlfriend

Hi, Indian sex stories dot net viewers, this is Sanjay from Bangalore you can reach me at [email protected] I would like to thank Indian sex stories for giving a good platform to share our experiences and sex story.

We should accept that truth of feeling of love has no barriers but the feeling of sexual pleasure can break all the barriers, yes it’s true the story which I’m going to narrate to you will break those barriers. This is a true sex story which happened back almost 14 years ago.

While I was doing my post graduation in MS surgeon, I got admission into the same college where I did my MBBS for post-graduation. I was very happy that I had the same friends around me where I met a girl called Lilkitha who was 3 years junior to me, we fell in love when I was in my pg( that is a different story altogether. I will explain some other time) so we were a very happy couple and everything was going fine.

We had our annual college fest for 4 days where everyone was having fun. At that time, Likhitha came with her parents. I didn’t get a chance to meet her father then as he was busy business men. I met her mother (Kalpana) who’s is a doctor too. She was around 46 years old with right curves and folds in the right places.

5’6 inches little-tanned brown with short hair and big chest. I never had any feelings towards her. So we met and we had a good laugh there, she asked me to come over for lunch. I said okay. I went for lunch, I met Likhitha’s dad. We had a good time at lunch.

One day, her mum called my room (as we don’t have cell phones that handy) and asked me if I could come with her to some place as Likhitha was busy with her duty at the hospital.

So, I said ok, picked her up. She was so dull. She was not talking at all. Then, I tried to intervene but didn’t felt like asking and stayed calm. She took me to a big house, almost outskirts to Bangalore.

I went there and she told me to wait in the hall and she went upstairs. I almost waited for 5hours. I really got bored and passed off waiting at an unknown place.

After she came down, we started back our journey and I asked her in a serious tone “May I know why are we here and me waiting for so long? ” she then told not to talk anything. After going a while, she suddenly broke out and started crying. I felt really shocked and couldn’t get anything.

She gilded my arm and cried for almost 30mins. Then, she told me the place is her ex-boy friend’s place. He died of the heart attack this morning. I didn’t tell my husband about this because he would get angry if he would come to know about this, she told me that she felt comfortable with me as a friend and came with me here.

After a while, we came home. I dropped her and after that, we became close. We use to go out for lunch movies and stuff.

One day, me, Likhitha and aunty went to the second show. We went in the car. They came to drop me at my place but my roommates locked the door and were not opening it.

So, Kalpana aunty told me to come over to their house and sleep there for tonight and I had no option. I went to their house. They gave me a room. Everyone went to their rooms. After a while, I couldn’t get sleep. So, I went to the hall and started watching the tv, some random songs and stuff.

After a while, Kalpana aunty came and I told her I couldn’t get sleep. So, I was watching the tv. She then told me, she couldn’t sleep because she had a bad shoulder pain. So, we sat and started talking about life and fun, she asked me, “Can I ask you something?”

Me: yes

Kalpana: you and my daughter are in a relationship? She asked.

Me: I said, not sure (I didn’t want to tell her the truth)

Me: I asked her, why do you look so depressed? I could see that in your face.

Kalpana: I have some personal issues with your uncle.

Me: like what?

Kalpana: we are not in love or making love since 8 years. Because your uncle came to know that I had a boyfriend in my past. So, he is now living with another woman.

Me: omg, that’s bad. I told her, “Can I tell you something? I have never slept with women before”

She then gave a witty smile and told me that okay leave that topic here, give me a shoulder massage. It’s hurting a lot.Then, I took cream and started applying and slowly massaging. She was relaxing mmmmm and I slowly moved my hands little down.

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She didn’t tell anything. Then, I got courage and put my hands on her breasts. She was not telling anything. Then, I started fondling them. After a while, she told me, you wanna play with it. Let’s go to my room then, I started kissing her and slowly removed her night gown. She was stunning.

I slowly lifted her and put her on the bed started sucking her boobs. Slowly, I went down and removed her panty. She had an amazing bushy area. I then licked and played in between her legs in that bushy area with my mouth. She couldn’t resist. She was very horny. I gave her gentle strokes with my mouth.

She then asked me to put my monster in her. I had a 7.5-inch cock. She got shocked looking at it and told me to enter gently and slowly.I took my cock, slowly inserted. She started moaning. I started stroking with hitting right places inside her. She was in heaven and was moaning aaa. I stopped my strokes in between to make her more horny and high,

She then started crying, please, please, fuck me, please. Then, I slowly started again and I used the g-spot technique ( it is a very famous technique in sex which gives pleasure to women) she was moaning like crazy. Then, after stroking 28 mins, we both came and I could see the best relaxation in her face.

Then, I was hard again with in no time. So, I asked her and gave her same type of shots. We came almost 4 times. We got exhausted. We lied down on the bed and spoke for a while. After a while, I got hard on again but she said she can’t handle it anymore.

So, I got a good idea. I turned her down made her bend and I started putting my cock in her ass, I told her it will be painful but I told her to control. So, I slowly put my cock in her huge ass. It was awesome,

I started stroking so hard. She was shouting aaaaaa. I fucked her for almost 20 mins and finally came in her ass. We had amazing sessions. From then on, she became my secret wife.

Then, the main trouble started which is to be continued next part of the sex story.

Ferrero With My Physics Teacher!

Dear Readers,

A bit about myself- I am a newbie in Ahmadabad, and only here for the next four months. New at writing here, but been reading since a long while! Am a horny chubby cute guy with great sense of humor and always horny! Mail me: [email protected]

The Story is about when i was in school in my 12th grade and final exams were coming nearer. I used to be too involved with partying with friends late at nights and playing sports. I hardly every studied. Now, my physics teacher used to always be very close to me and i used to always entertain her. She was my favorite! With a body like Ayesha Takia, just more fat. My dream was always to land my face in between those round voluptuous Boobs!

With exams only a week away, i was not nervous, but she was very nervous. i wasn’t nervous because my eyes were always staring at those two balloons only! She kept asking me, how is studying going and if i need any help. i kept saying no maa’m, i am good and will score well. Later that day, while leaving class, when everyone was away, i played a prank on Reena maam(ooh, her name is reena maam) and scared her by appearing suddenly from behind the door, she got sooo scared, she jumped on me and tightly hugged me because she got soo scared! I was surprised, and by mistake i instead of holding her shoulders, held those awesome round jugs! God, my dick went up very fast! and she inspite of feeling my huge bulge touching her stomach (i am 6 ft 3 btw) she kept hugging me and i didnt leave her boobs, slowly she let go and i did too, one minute of dead silence followed and we didnt talk for the next half an hour- i kept doing my work and she kept doing hers.

When i got done with my work, i packed and before going, told her that i am leaving and told her Bye Reena maam! And she replied, “good bye beta, let me know if you have any more doubts, you have my number”

That day i went home and couldnt study at all, i kept thinking about the most beautiful thing i held in class today, those boobs kept coming in my head and i kept masturbating! Must have done it at least 6 times that day!

Now next day, i went to class and with everyone being there, reena maam conducted a surprise test! i couldnt study the previous day because of those BOOOBS stuck in my head! So, i almost passed and rest all also almost passed but i got 8th highest out of 25.

That day also, while sitting in class, i kept staring at the boobs only- beautifully popping out of the kurta she was wearing! While going that day, she came to me and said, “Rahul, i didn’t expect you to score 8th highest only! You know how much potential you have and you can score soo much more!” I said, “i know maam but my mind was disturbed today” She asked, “Okay, i understand. But do one thing today, i know you dont study at home talking and flirting with all girls, come to my home after dinner and we will revise”

She was so much kind to me, but my head kept thinking, how am i going to fuck this beautiful teacher of my dream tonight! Fantasies kept coming to my head, my head in between those boobs, she grinding her ass on my cock, kept spanking her ass and our two tongues constantly fondling together with exchange of saliva!

My entire time from leaving the class till dinner- only this thing kept going in my mind! Afterwards, i went all dressed up with good perfume and all. She had texted me the address and being grateful for her calling me, i went to her place with a box of Ferrero Rochers.

I knocked on the door and there she was, in the perfect silk nighty of velvet colour. my dick got erect seeing her and it stayed like that for the next 30 minutes. We started our work, both of us sat on a study table which was small and thus were very close to each other, my shoulders kept touching hers and since that was happening, she kept keeping her shoulders together and that created a massive cleavage!

Vectors and Diagrams and Gravity were not going in my head, i just wanted to put my head in between those two boobs! After a few minutes, she got up and went to the kitchen and got ferrero rochers that i gifted. She gave me a few and she took a few herself. Now, reena maam has been in her thirties and wasnt married, and she lived a single life. We used to hear rumors about her affairs with a professor. But nothing concrete. So i always thought there is a chance.

She started eating ferrero rochers and while studying i too ate one, ferreros were melting and while eating, they got on her face near her lips and the same thing happened to me. she quickly touched my cheek and while doing, pulled it and said, my chubby rahul, you are too cute! I got shy and said thankyou maam, you too are very cute! Saying that, i rubbed the chocolate near her lips and licked my finger with that chocolate. She said, ” Aye Rahul, that was my ferrero chocolate, i said, well, now its in my mouth maam, there is nothing you can do!” She replied, “Get it out of your mouth and give it to me” I got carried away in it and the chocolate that was on my finger, i gave her, “First have this” She put my two fingers in her mouth and licked it for a good half minute.

Then she took melted ferrero and put it my mouth with her fingers, we both kept licking each others fingers for a long time and then, started kissing like crazy- with taste of ferrero! We then while kissing each other, fell down from chairs and now on the ground, kept kissing each other, her tongue swindling down my throat and my tongue doing the same. She then started licking my tongue- it was very hot!

I pulled her nighty up and her chubby stomach kept rubbing against my chubby stomach, we kept grinding while kissing. Her boobs i caught hold of now, i said, “Maam, i have always wanted those boobs and now i have them and i am never letting them go!” She said, “Baby, suck them dry- they are all yours!” I kept holding and massaging and squeezing boobs like ayesha takias! Then, she took off my clothes and her nighty was off to! She wasn’t wearing anything inside! i asked, “maam, 69?” i said, “Rahul, i am going to sit on your mouth and i want you to lick my pussy so fucking much!” i got soo aroused! And she sat squeezing my face with her ass.

And then, she started rubbing my cock with her smooth fingers, she then bent over and started blowing me! Her mouth took in my entire cock and then she started licking my balls, man, i dont even know how many times i came in her mouth! She drank it all the times! My dick refused to loosen up though, she kept blowing my cock and riding her ass on my face, and i kept sliding my long tongue into her sweet pink pussy!

Then i lifted her ass from my face and spanked her and pushed her off me and inserted my long cock into her tight thick pussy! “Aaaahhh” She let out a loud moan! I guess the neighbors heard it too! My cock then didn’t stop, doggy style, missionary, cow girl, we kept going until about 4 Hours! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! So much of fucking! After 4 Hours, my dick was tired and more than that, my teacher was, her pussy and ass were paining so much, after several orgasms, she wasn’t ready to go!

I cummed in her mouth, her boobs, her ass, (yes, i fucked her tight asshole too) and then on her stomach! After that, we continued kissing with our tongues and she loved licking my ear and i loved using her boobs as my pillows!

It was a dream come true for me and now, today, whoever i fuck, in the end, i masturbate thinking of this epic night only!

Also, i passed in my exam with great marks and after the result, i got the most remarkable gift from her, endless usage of her pussy!

That is all! All you aunties and teachers and girls looking for the best time, mail me: [email protected] I am always available if you like getting your pussy licked!

Abhishek Fucking Neighbour Girl Neha And Her Mom Shweta – Part 1

Hi, everyone! Abhishek here! I am a resident of north Bangalore in a posh society. I am 5’11” tall, athletic build and quite fair and I can speak quite well. I am a regular reader of ISS and I can’t tell you how amazing this particular experience has been. I finally decided to share my experience. This is the sex story of how my neighbor’s daughter caught my interest and how I ended up fucking her and then her mom separately. Neha is a sensual babe while her mother is a wild chick.

This happened about four months back. We had a society function and I was there having fun when I saw Neha.

She is this cute looking girl, slight on the chubby side girl with a cute chin, medium long hair, and a super curvy body! Her boobs are her best asset. She is slightly younger to me and I had seen her before but that day she was wearing a very naughty dress which showed ample cleavage and that really got me interested. As Neha was one of the hosts she was helping out with things and I saw that she was getting a little tired so I decided to help her out and as a reward I was getting to see those juicy beauties.

Later I found out that she knew what I was really looking at :p

Anyways since we were in somewhat of a back stage arranging stuff, I got a little privacy and started a good conversation and I knew she is into me too. She would bend and my dick would go all gaga over her. After the event, we exchanged our numbers and I went back and masturbated thinking about her in all possible ways. What I didn’t know was she did the same thinking about me :p yeah she was equally lustful and I found that out pretty soon.

When I went back I messaged her and thanked her for hosting – the normal flirting – and like that anyways two days passed and we were getting to know each other. Since we lived in the same society we had to be careful as our families knew each other. Then on the third day, I got late and missed my bus to the office and had to take out my car.

As I was exiting my society I saw that Neha was at the bus stop. By some god’s grace Neha was late too and missed her bus as well, and her office is right on the way towards mine. I was uber excited as thought this wud be a good chance to get close so I asked her if she wanted a lift.

She gladly accepted and this trip was where things got into the comfortable stage. We talked for a good one hour and Bangalore traffic you already know gave us plenty of time :p I found out that she had a bf but he left her after he went to another city and this was quite recent so she was in need of company. (and I later found out that they hadn’t done anything). Anyways I have a good sense of humor so I converted all the serious talk to fun talk and she definitely loved it.

On that day she was wearing a deep cut formal type top and an open jacket and a skirt. She was looking like a sex bomb frankly speaking and I just couldn’t keep my eyes away from her cleavage and thighs. Our conversation was going on when suddenly she asked me – “So do you have any girlfriend? Ya girlfriends?”

And I looked at her eyes deeply and said no I don’t in a very subtle and naughty way and I think that set off our hormones cause there was suddenly an air of heat!! Oh man, I still remember the proximity and her hotness got me really excited and I started getting a big bump on my trouser and in formals that’s a very dangerous thing.

I tried hiding it by adjusting it but that only made it more obvious to her and she started giggling! And that’s when I knew this is going to go somewhere. I asked her why she is laughing and she just smiled and shook her head in a very sexy way and looked me top to bottom and since we had reached she got down and said thank you soo much. you are very sweet! Let me know when you reach and then she went away.

That day was really tough on me in office. We texted throughout the day and I was virtually hard the entire time (that got the attention of one of my senior and she has started behaving differently :p that’s another story)

By the end of the day, we were teasing each other and having fun and that’s when I decided to send her a non-veg joke to see her reaction. She replied back saying that lady is lucky :p and that was it. I asked her why lucky? And she said she would done it (in the joke) so many times. I replied – why do you worry you can also do it many many times na !? She texted- Aisa kya ? But who? Where and when? :p

When I saw this message I was in another place haha. So I replied – yes! Me, in a room and right now! :p . It was evening n I was about to leave n I got a call from her and she said – I want you! But I can’t come abhi I have too much work. Can you take an off tomorrow ? And I said yess why not. Then she asked me where do we meet ? I said – the hotel that’s close to our place and that was it. At night we did phone sex and I was just waiting for morning.

We decided to leave early so I gave an excuse at home and left early morning. I picked Neha at the main gate and we went to a decent hotel that was nearby our place. Let me describe her – she was wearing a very hot formal skirt and formal top but her cleavage was clearly visible and clothes were tight so you could clearly see the hot curves and with heels she was looking like a sex goddess. The entire way we chatted dirty and we were practically wet by the time we reached.

We checked in without any hassle. We entered the room and the moment I closed the door we just went wild and crazy. I got close to her and kissed her lips and we fought with our tongues for almost 10 min. Our hands were everywhere.

While kissing Neha threw her heels away and I pushed her against the wall and I kissed her like there no matter. We were hungry as hell and her moans were driving me mad.

I lifted her top and she helped me take it away and I turned her around and pushed her against the wall a little harder and unhooked her bra and kissed her entire back. So let out a gasp when I squeezed that big round ass of hers and she cud feel my dick running against her butt crack.

I turned her around and threw away the bra and mannnn! What a beautiful pair of breasts they were. White and super round and firm and brown tits jutting out. I grabbed them both and squeezed them and kissed her. Then I sucked on her left boob and used my tongue to lick her completely and she was in another world. Then I did the same thing with her other boob and I bit her softly and she let out a gasp. Ahhhhh umm. Yessss.

By now her hair was flowing smoothly around her face and it made her look even hotter. I couldn’t help myself. I lifted her up and placed her on the bed.

I kissed her whole body and I came to her belly and sucked on her belly button which she loved ! And then without waiting I pulled out her skirt in one stroke and then Neha spread her gorgeous legs. Oh man! What a scene it was!! I pulled away from her panty very slowly and threw it aside and her pussy was glowing right in front of me in all its glory. Tight, juicy and pink like hell.

I kissed her legs well and her feet and I bite her calves and came up slowly to her inner thighs. By now she was begging me to fuck her but I teased her and she smiled back and said – you naughty fucker!! And as she said that I took my tongue and very lightly licked her pussy lips she hissed !

Then I dug myself into her pussy and sucked her like a pro! I tongue fucked her as deep as I could and she went crazy. Her body was twitching continuously and she moaned so loudly. She put her hand on my head pushed deeper and clamped her thighs together and locked me in. And I continued to do and she started nearing her orgasm and started moaning. Ohhhh fuckkk don’t stopppp. Yesss yess yesss fuck yesss Abhishek don’t stoppp fuck yessss. Ahhhhh and suddenly her body froze.

She pulled my hair and tightened her clamp on my head and wriggled like a jelly fish and all her lovely juices were flowing and I drank it all in. After about two minutes she relaxed and let me loose and I came on top of her. I was dying to fuck her now. I quickly removed my jeans and shorts and my 6″ long 3″ thick curved monster jumped out.All hard and wet to fuck that naughty tight pussy.

She looked at it and said oh wowww! And she held it softly and it was an amazing feeling. I lay on the bed and she took it in her mouth.

Since it was the first time for her she took some time to get used to my stick but after 5 min she was like a pro! She took my cock deep into her mouth and she was playing with her tongue on my tip and it drew me crazy. My dick was throbbing ! Just before cumming I asked her to stop because I wanted to fuck her so I pushed on the bed and she opened her legs wide.

We both were grinning and we kissed each other and I took my cock and placed it at the entrance of her pussy. And I tried pushing slowly. She was too damn tight. I pushed a little deeper and she started getting tears in her eyes and after one point I just pushed it all in and I felt something break ! Then I pushed it completely inside and her juices helped. I stayed in that position for some time and we kissed passionately for good 5 min.

Then I took my dick out and pushed it in again and started slowly moving in and out. The first few slow strokes really set a hot rhythm. I cud see a little blood but we were in no mood to stop. After around 4-5 min Neha’s breath started getting heavy again and she began moaning. I started increasing my pace and I realized what heaven means.

After about 10 min I put my hand on each side of Neha. Right next to Neha’s boobs. And got up a little and I started fucking her with a furious speed. The thap- thap- thap sound was echoing in the entire room and we were just going crazy. We both were hot as hell and she was moaning – ummm fuckkkk ahhhhh ahhh ahhhhh ahhh ahhh. Looking at her boobs bounce like that I went crazy and I fucked her like I never thought possible.

I was literally ramming her like a bull and she started screaming and then she put her hands on my butt and her pussy walls squeezed and her body froze. She clamped her thighs as close as possible and her mouth opened but no sound came out. She shivered for good 5 mins and I could feel like juices as she squeezed her pussy walls and I kept pumping her. And within 5 min I told her I am cumming too and I just exploded my entire load inside her pussy and collapsed on her.

We kissed nonstop after that for 10 min. Neha said – that was better than I had ever imagined. I loved it. Me- “Yes it was definitely amazing ! “On which she smiled and we kissed for some more time then got up and cleaned up ourselves in the washroom.

We came back and dressed up a little so that we cud order lunch. Once the food was delivered inside we closed the door again and got naked and kissed for a long ṭime. We did that for some time and decided to eat in the kinkiest way possible.

By the time we were finished we were hungrier than ever. My dick was rock hard again and we wanted to try out more. So I started asked Neha to go on all fours. She did so and I took my dick and pushed it from behind and her pussy accepted it with some difficulty as it was still very tight. A tight pussy is an amazing feeling trust me. After kissing her back I started pumping her from behind. I fucked her for 10 min.

Then I bend forward and grabbed her boobs as I was pumping her and I squeezed them. Then I pulled her and made her back straight and she was now standing on her knees almost and I was fucking her. I had complete access to her neck and I kissed her neck and ears while I played with her tits. She was loving the complete action. Moaning.

After a good 15 min, we changed position again. This was a position I had always wanted to try cause I had seen it in a porn movie and it looked like a really hot pose. I told her to lay on her back and asked her to put her hands around my neck and wrap her legs around me but keep most of the support from hands. I put my hands under her ass and lifter her up and there she was . Her hands were around my neck. Legs wide spread and a pussy ready to be fucked.

Since my hands weren’t free it took about 20 seconds to locate her pussy opening with my dick but when it did I pushed it all in and it was an amazing feeling . Her pussy walls paved way for my dick and we both moaned together.

My dick is curved so as I pushed my dick it went completely in and I think I hit her g spot because when I started pumping her she went mad. She was shouting so loudly that I had to kiss her just to keep the voice down. I fucked her like that for almost 10 min and those 10 mins were the most intense minutes.

We were huffing and puffing and we were completely lost. We fucked each other like dogs and came together almost simultaneously and the pleasure was just amazing! Even now our favorite position is this – when I lift her up and fuck her. Like this, we had 4 more sessions and we stayed out until 11 pm. We paid for 2 days because of the off timings and checkout from the hotel.

After that day we met almost every alternate day. We found a lodge where we could book the room by the hour and it was way cheaper. We met in the morning and/or evenings. This went on for about two months when one day her parents had to leave for some work and she called me home in the evening. That was starting point of how I got fucked by her mother!

If you liked my experience then please reach out to me at [email protected] with feedback. Any aunty or girl who wants to explore is also welcome. I will continue this in part two of the sex story and narrate how I fucked Shweta aunty for almost 8 days straight!

Fun With Bhavana Aunty

Hello, Friends, this is Rajesh. I am a big fan of Indian Sex Stories. After reading the stories for a long time, I want to share my sex story, hope you guys will like it. You can email me at [email protected]

My name is Rajesh, a resident of Hyderabad, aged 26 fair and 5’9” height. And the heroine of the story is Bhavana aged 45 but looks like 32 fair and white with a stats of 34-32-36.

It starts 8 years back. I used to stay in a bachelor room in Hyderabad and she stays in the same building. So we know each other and we used to have a chat daily. I have a crush on her from the time I have seen her for the first time but don’t have enough guts to tell her.

After some days, I have moved from that house and became busy with my life. I have her number but never called due to fear and other reasons. But till now, I have a crush on her.

Coming back to 2016, I went abroad for my new job. One weekend in the month of March, I was searching my WhatsApp to chat with someone. I saw her number. With little hesitation, I messaged her.

Me: Hi, Aunty, How are you??

After 2 days, I got a reply

B: Hello, Who is this??
Me: This is Rajesh, I used to stay in your building long back.
B: Yes, I remember, How are you??
Me: I am good. Thanks that you remember me. How are you and how about uncle and kids??

B: all fine. What are you doing these days??
Me: I am in abroad doing the job.
B: Ohh, great. My elder child is also doing Masters in the US.
Me: Nice aunty. Everything going well??
B: Yeah, going well. I will catch you later Bye.
Me: Bye aunty.

I felt very happy after talking with her. All old memories are running in my mind. How I used to see her waist and side of her boobs from the sides whenever she wears a saree.

And the next day, I received a message from her. Saying Good morning and I replied her and started a conversation. As time passed, we became close again. The message turned into calls and sometimes video calls. By conversations, I came to know that she is not happy with her family life.

She used to share her problems and how her husband beats her. I used to console her. Slowly, she started liking me. We know that we like each other but we are not breaking the ice.

I am in a fear that if I take next step, she may stop talking. So, I want her to take a move. So, I cooked up a story of having an affair with another aunty before coming abroad. She started feeling jealous of her which she said. And she used to ask a lot of questions about the relationship and how she looks.

I used to tell her some stories. And the chat is continuing but she is not taking any step further. I wanted to know whether she is ready for the new relationship or not. So one day while Chatting, I asked her to play truth or dare game.

Me: Shall we play truth or dare??
B: I don’t know that game.

I explained her about the game. I told that one person can ask any question or can give any task to other person based on his selection and gave some examples.

B: No. I don’t play, I don’t like it.

After so much of pleading, she accepted to play.(Actually, she also wanted to play the game but she wants to show me that she is not interested). We started our video chat and started playing the game. I wanted her to relax and get used to the game, so I asked silly questions and gave silly tasks in the starting.

Me: Truth or dare
B: truth
Me: Favorite Hero
B: Nagarjuna. Truth or dare
Me: Truth
B: Favorite heroine
Me: Thamanna

Like this, we played for some time. Once I felt that she is relaxed and can ask any question, I started asking some naughty questions.

Me: Truth or dare
B: Truth
Me: Your 1st kiss??
B: My hubby. Truth or dare
Me: Truth
B: Your first kiss
Me: I said my girlfriend name. Truth or dare
B: truth
Me: Anyone kissed other than hubby??
B: No

I continued asking questions

Me: Whom do you want to kiss other than your hubby
B: No one
Me: If I kiss you, will you slap me or will you allow me to kiss.
B: I will not slap.
Me: Then, I can kiss you.
B: I didn’t say yes
Me: But you didn’t say No.
B: What if I say No
Me: I will request but will not force.
B: Truth or dare.

I was little paused as she was back into game

Me: Truth
B: Why you want to kiss me
Me: You look so beautiful, everyone will like to kiss your eyes, cheeks, and lips. You are so cute.

She was blushing while I am saying this

Me: Truth or dare
B: Dare(Which I wished for)
Me: GIVE Me a flying kiss
B: No
Me: Rules are rules. You have to do the task.
B: No. I won’t do.

After so much of debate(actually pleading), she accepted and gave me a flying kiss

Me: I wish it becomes a real kiss

She looked seriously. I know she is not serious but she is acting like she is serious

B: Truth or dare
Me: Dare
B: Slap yourself hard on your cheek for asking kiss

I slapped slowly.

B: Slap harder.

I SLAPPED my self so hard that made my cheek red. Which I have shown her. And said you will not slap me if I kiss you.

B: I asked to slap because you asked for flying kiss and started laughing

But till now, I am not sure what was her opinion on me. So I decided to ask her.

Me: Aunty, If I ask for the relationship same like Sravani aunty(The fake character which I created). What will be your response?

She became silent and serious ( I thought, I made a mistake by asking her this question and she may stop talking)

B(In a settled voice): I know you will ask this question when you asked me for this game. But I don’t know what to say. I am in a dilemma to make a decision. If I get into a relationship, I may face a lot of problems.

But I can’t say No also because you supported me when I am feeling low. Whenever you chat with me, I feel happy and I will wait for your messages and calls. I don’t know what this feeling is. I am listening to her silently. Once she finished I replied

Me: Sorry for asking that. I won’t force you to anything. I don’t want you to face any problem, whatever your decision is, I will accept it. Hope our friendship continues.
B: Thanks. Give me some time to take a decision.
Me: take your own time

Friends, you are reading this story on indiansexstories dot net

After that, we chatted for a while and ended our call. And we chatted normally for a week. After one week, I received a message

B: I have taken a decision, call me after 2 hours.

I waited for 2 hours. Which I felt like a day. After 2 hours, I messaged her can I call now. She replied yes.

I made a video call, she was wearing a wheatish color saree with a red border. She is looking so beautiful in that saree. But she was serious and sad. By seeing her face, I decided that I will get a negative response.

Me: What you have decided? I am very nervous to hear your decision.
B: I know you are waiting for my answer. I am feeling sad to say this. Sorry, we can’t make this relationship. I know you will feel bad but try to understand. It’s better we stay like this and don’t make any step further.

All this while I was silent and became sad even though I expected this response by seeing her face.

She continued her talk but I can’t hear anything. I was really sad.
She stopped talking and became silent. I was looking at her in a sad face. Suddenly, she started laughing and I was confused why she is laughing. I asked her why are you laughing.

B: go and check yourself how sad your face looks.
Me(In an irritated voice): Shall I dance for getting a negative response?
B: Yes you have to dance because It’s a yes dear. I just teased you by saying No. I am happy to have you, dear. And how you believed what I said even after wearing this saree(It’s her favorite saree. She will wear it on special occasions).

Me: By seeing your face. It is so serious that I had to believe whatever you said.
B: Sorry dear. I love you.
Me: I love you 2.

She gave me a flying kiss.

Me: I want a real one
B: Come to Hyderabad and take as many you want.
Me: I will come for sure. But I want a gift now
B: What do you want dear
Me: I want to see your belly button.
B: Stupid. I just said yes and you became naughty
Me: Please, please, please.

She slowly moved her pallu from her stomach and showed me the belly button, it is so deep.

I gave a flying kiss. She felt shy and after that, we had a chat for some time and it had some kisses and some teasing. After that, we had a lot of phone sex sessions. We had nude video calls. She used to masturbate in the video call.

We used to tease each other. Now, I am in Hyderabad. We are going to meet for a movie in the next week. I will tell you what happens in my next sex story. Hope you guys liked it. Any suggestion you can message me. Any girls/aunties in Hyderabad feel free to message me at [email protected]